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Must-Listen Tracks From Justin Bieber ‘Changes’ album

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After much anticipation, Justin Bieber ‘Changes’ album is finally out. This may be his most-awaited album to date because of his prior break from music. As Justin Bieber returns to the spotlight, fans are holding very high expectations from his music as a grown man. ‘Yummy’ his first latest single did not fare well and was criticized heavily. The second single ‘Intentions’ received much positive response. Now we have the new music album and we will be the judge of his new music. Today we’re sharing the tracks we liked from ‘Changes’ and our thoughts on them.

Must-listen tracks from Justin Bieber ‘Changes’ album

1. Changes

This is the main track from the album and we can honestly say we see the ‘changes’ in Justin Bieber solely by listening to this one. The overall vibe of the song is so chill and mellow, you can listen to it anytime and relax. The lyrics are very personal to Bieber as he explains all the ways he has become a changed man and wants to be the best he can be. And it’s beautiful how many of those endearing words are for his wife Hailey Baldwin. This is the perfect, soulful track for Justin Bieber to reenter the music world while sharing who he is now and what his days look like.

2. Come Around Me

Come Around Me by Justin Bieber is one of the best tracks in the Changes music album. It’s very catchy, the music is something you can vibe to, and the variations in his vocals here are just something else. This song marks the return of a new and better version of Justin Bieber. You need to listen to it ASAP and we can promise you’ll get hooked.

3. Habitual

Another amazing track by Justin Bieber. This song is a masterpiece and easily one of his best songs to date. The lyrics are deep, touching, and subtle in the right way. The music magically takes you into another world. We suggest you listen to this one with headphones on to truly appreciate the vibes of this song.

4. Running Over

A song with clean vocals, amazing beats, and a little dash of rap for the genre lovers. Justin Bieber experimented a lot and this track proves it. He collaborated with Lil Dicky for this one, and we love it! They both are so in sync and together they’ve created yet another masterpiece.

5. At least For Now

Justin Bieber’s vocals are excellent in this melodious and slow song. It’s another heartfelt song with a warm vibe to it that makes you feel all snuggly inside. Especially that amazing “Yeahehyeah” bit that Bieber simply nails! It’s a must-listen in the Changes music album for sure.

Justin Bieber’s new album is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect album about true love and how it changes a person. But the appreciation is for the way Bieber did it in a way that’s not overly cheesy or cliched. It all has a chill vibe and has a maturity to it.  Justin Bieber has definitely grown up as a person and a musician. We think he truly has made a comeback!

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