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James Scully from You Calls His Queerness ‘Magic’!

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Netflix’s You star, James Scully, thinks his queerness is ‘magic’. Scully played the free-spirited Forty Quinn on the show. While Forty is seen dating women in the show, all is not what it seems. However, Scully is spilling all the secrets surrounding his character’s sexuality.

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James Scully appeared in the second season of Netflix’s You

After the successful first season, the second season was released this year. This year, we saw Joe Goldberg in a new city with new characters. While running from Candace, Joe finds himself in LA. Although he tries hard to avoid falling in love, old habits catch up with him. Hence, we are introduced to Love Quinn. Another interesting character introduced is Forty Quinn, Love’s twin brother. This character is played by James Scully.

Although people loved Forty on the show, James Scully had to answer a lot of questions regarding his sexuality

In the past, James Scully played characters that were straight and went against his queerness. While talking about it, he said:

“My queerness was just not useful to anyone in those spaces and wasn’t going to make anybody any money, so they were just sort of like ‘Can you not? Can you just be like a straight masc acting white dude?'”

With You, he found a place where he could be sexually fluid and exist as a person. While Forty had relationships with women on the show, his sexuality is not revealed or made obvious. When a fan asked how the show decided that Forty was straight, Scully said:

“We didn’t, and he wasn’t, and he is not and never will be.”

Previously, James Scully starred in the TV version of the 1988 film, Heathers. Also, he starred in some episodes of 911 and Quantico. However, Netflix’s You gave him an opportunity to play an unforgettable character.

James Scully Shares His Coming out story

In a recent Instagram post, he called his queerness magical. With a heartfelt message, he mentioned how he first realized he was gay. Everyone kept labeling him as such but he didn’t come out until a few years later:

Mind you, at this point, other people had already been TELLING me I was gay for like 4 years so that plan was pretty flawed from the start, but the things you do when you feel scared and trapped don’t usually make sense. 4 years later I came out, which was wonderful (and I’m so thankful to all the people ((mostly my beautiful sister @let.me.be.kind)) who helped me do that)

He did mention that he was angry that his coming out would be politicized or made into something that it isn’t. James Scully wants people to change their thinking and he’s angry at his own internalized homophobia. The actor from You wants things to be better for the LGBTQ. Despite his frustration, he did share one good news:

But one thing has changed since I was 12: I’m not scared anymore, and I find new and exciting ways to love myself, and the chosen family I am so lucky to be a part of, every day. My queerness isn’t a trap I got caught in, it’s a magic power I was given and I’m not ever going to lie about it or apologize for it ever, ever again.

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