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Mac Miller Tells The World He’s Okay

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Mac Miller has recently had an intense time in the tabloid headlines. But the rapper has finally resurfaced and assured everyone that he is doing okay. Tired of being bombarded with the paparazzi and seeing his face in the newspaper every other day, Mac Miller dropped off the grid. The rapper was so secluded that he no longer knew what was hot on the charts. In fact, Mac Miller heard the Despacito just a few days back.

Now that the rapper is back, he has opened up about the whole situation and himself in it. Previously, Miller was known to be a conversationalist and a people person. It’s natural to wonder what went so bad that the rapper actually had to disappear for a while.

Back in May, Mac Miller broke up with his pop star girlfriend Ariana Grande. The couple was together for two years, but now their schedules were too busy to make it work. A few days after breaking up, Miller was arrested for a hit and run case and charges on D.U.I. At the time of arrest, his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. To make things worse for him, Twitter users started blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s condition. But the pop star gave a heartbreaking response saying that their relationship was toxic and that she was not his mother or babysitter. In fact, no woman should feel that they need to take on those roles. And that she had prayed for his sobriety for years now.

All of this seriously affected Mac Miller. Further, his ex-girlfriend got engaged to Pete Davidson just six weeks after they broke up. But the rapper says that he is happy that Ariana moved on. Now he has time and space for himself which he valued. After that, Miller stopped caring if people outside his friends and family knew if he was doing fine. He spent his time figuring out how to move and he felt like he did not owe people explanations or answers.

Mac Miller has also talked about falling into drugs and addictions. He admitted using cocaine after his chart-topping 2012 debut album came out. But he claimed that it was all in the past. Just because he took drugs does not mean that he is an addict. Mac Miller said that through everything that happened, people definitely will make their own conclusions but he would rather just live his life and see where it goes.

Mac Miller has insisted that now he is in a great place. He works out every morning to keep himself positive. He admits that being so much in the tabloids has made him care less of what other people think about him. The rapper is focusing to be conscious of the reality and is in a sunny and optimistic mood. Miller does not plan on entering into a new relationship any time soon. He wants to spend time taking care of his dog and looks like there could be no better plan!

Mac Miller has told the world that he is doing okay. In fact, he might be doing just great. Probably self-care and a little time off is something we all need once in a while.

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