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Bojack Horseman Cast and Crew Reflects on the Show’s Importance

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Bojack Horseman was truly a gift for its entire audience because of it’s subtle yet deep messages and its’ solid depiction of issues that society usually doesn’t talk about. It turns out that the animated tv series worked similar magic on the shows’ cast and crew. Recently they all got together and talked about what the show had taught them and how it had made them feel. Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul- the voices behind the main characters were all present. And we loved hearing their experiences. If you want to hear them too, then keep reading.

The cast of Bojack Horseman

The genius creator of this brilliant show is Raphael Bob-Waksberg. And the shows’ main characters and cast ensemble include Bojack Horseman voiced by Will Arnett, Princess Carolyn voiced by Amy Sedaris, Diane Nguyen played by Alison Brie, Todd Chavez voiced by Aaron Paul and Mr. Peanutbutter played by Paul. F. Tompkins.

Each and every character in the show was played excellently by this cast and they deserve all the credit for doing justice to the show.

The cast and creative team reflect back on the shows’ legacy

In a new video posted by Netflix, the cast and crew share their thoughts and experience working on Bojack Horseman.

Will Arnett, who voices the main character Bojack himself, shared that he is in awe of the writing led by Raphael. He thinks that his voice is so unique and he is still not over the fact that he got to be a part of it.

That I got to speak his incredible words and be a part of this really incredible story he’s telling. Honestly, I’m honored.

He added that when it first came out, people thought it was another show about show-biz but it was much more than that.

Paul F. Tompkins who plays Mr. Peanutbutter also shared that it was a real pleasure to be associated with that character.

Anytime someone comes up to me and says they’re a fan, it always warms my heart.

Alison Brie, who plays Diane Nguyn believes that people love Bojack Horseman because of how serious and real it is.

The man behind the show speaks himself

Raphael Bob-Waksberg also talked about his own happiness and contentment that he achieved by creating Bojack Horseman.

People come up to me and tell me that it has given them a vocabulary to talk about their feelings they’ve had, relationships that they’ve never quite understood. It’s really incredible and I feel tremendously proud.

He shared that as Bojack Horseman writers, they sometimes go to darker places in the show because it doesn’t feel so dark as the show itself is so bright.

Some emotional and nostalgic moments

It’s not easy for the cast and crew of this memorable show to part ways with it. Aaron Paul who plays the role of Todd Chavez can’t believe it’s the end.

It’s crazy that we’re saying goodbye. Yeah, I cant believe we are saying goodbye.

Alison Brie, the voice of Diane Nguyn shared that due to the fact that it’s an animated show, she could appreciate it from a distance, just like a fan would.

For Will Arnett, the best part about Bojacks’ journey changed every year for him. But looking back at it, he thinks Bojack was legitimately looking for some relief.

I like the idea that he does ultimately end up getting a little bit of peace.

For Aaron Paul, Todd Chavez is such a goofball, has a beautiful heart and when he comes out as asexual was an important moment for him.

That community just embraced Todd and me, and the show in such a beautiful way.

As for Alison Brie, she says she loves Diane as she is always striving to be a better person. And she expects a lot from herself and everyone around her.

For Paul F. Tompkins, his favorite part of Mr. Peanutbutters’ journey is when he starts to realize that he is the main problem in all of his relationships.

We feel like this show and the cast were just the right combination of talent, wholeheartedness and hard work. Because all of them together created Bojack Horseman- a show and characters that we will remember for a lifetime.

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