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People Celebrating Obama’s Day On His Birthday!

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Former US President Barack Obama turned 57 years old today. And on his birthday, a whole lot of people celebrated the Obama Day.

Under a new state Law in Illinois, 4th August or the Barack Obama Day went on as a full-scale holiday. Since the former President came from the state of Illinois, the area celebrated and acknowledged him. However, considering the economy, Illinois could not afford to make it a proper holiday and allow the workers off. But the public greatly honored the fact that it was the former President’s birthday.

National Barack Obama Day

The ‘Barack Obama Day’ was not just restricted to the state of Illinois. Everybody in almost all corners of the country was all up for it. People were sending Barack Obama wishes all over Twitter. They acknowledged the contributions he made for the country.

A lot of people on Twitter believed that this day should be considered as a national holiday. The hashtag #ObamaDay went viral as people wished the former president a happy Obama Day.

A lot of Gratitude for Obama

People also mentioned the great things that President Obama did to them as a person or the whole nation.

Comparison Between Obama and Trump was Inevitable

Many people took this opportunity to draw out comparisons between President Trump and President Obama as a whole. Similarly, some attacked the current administrative policies under Trump to further appreciate Obama’s role in office.

A lot of people on Twitter found Obama’s birthday as the chance to be creative. However, President Trump also became the target of a lot of many memes that were made for this occasion.

Former first lady, Michelle Obama also wished her husband his birthday with a tweet that won over many hearts.

Twitter is exploding with the love that President Obama received on his day. And by the looks of it, he was much more respected than President Trump might ever be.

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