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Kumail Nanjiani Comments on Sylvester Stallone Addition to ‘Little America’

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Recently, Pakistani-American actor, Kumail Nanjiani, expressed his delight on Sylvester Stallone’s addition to Little America. Interestingly, both actors are an integral part of ‘Little America’. And this news has a twist!

Although he started his career as a podcast host, Kumail Nanjiani has made it big in Hollywood.

In 2017, he starred in the highly acclaimed, The Big Sick. The film was based on Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V Gordon’s love story.  While some details were changed, Nanjiani and his wife co-wrote the film. Although he had made several guest appearances of TV shows, Kumail Nanjiani came in the spotlight with that film. Previously, he had been on Silicon Valley, Portlandia, Veep and Broad City. Other than that, he has made a memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live. Also, Kumail Nanjiani has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will star in The Eternals.

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This year, Nanjiani and his wife became a part of TV series, Little America.

Based on real stories featured by Epic magazine, the show is about immigrants in America. The story highlights funny, heartfelt and inspiring accounts of immigrants. Although Little America started streaming on Apple TV Plus in January, it is already renewed for season 2. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon have developed this show.

When Sylvester Stallone joined Little America, Kumail Nanjiani shared his joy.

After posting the news of Rocky star joining Little America, Nanjiani was overjoyed! He said that season 2 will have a different vibe. However, there is a twist. While it has the same name as Nanjiani’s show, Sylvester Stallone is being a part of a completely different project.

Sylvester Stallone will star in an action thriller film also named ‘Little America’

Produced by Michael Bay, the story revolves around a former Army Ranger who is hired to find the missing daughter of an Asian billionaire. The film is rumored to be a post-apocalyptic action thriller. While Nanjiani’s response was hilarious, it’s easy to confuse the two projects since they have literally the same name.

Although it is not the case, it would be interesting to see Sylvester Stallone in an immigrant story.

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