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Jennifer Aniston is Not Heartbroken

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Popular F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress, Jennifer Aniston’s personal life has always been under much scrutiny. Media and fans have always been quick to speculate situations when it comes to her relationship status.

Jennifer Aniston’s relationship history has been pretty much out in the open and almost always under discussion in the media and the entertainment industry. All of this started back in 1998 when Jennifer Aniston started going out with Brad Pitt. The couple immediately hit it off and got married in 2000. Later, during the production of Mr and Mrs Smith, Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina Jolie. In 2005, Jennifer Aniston and brad Pitt separated which eventually led to a divorce. Even though Jennifer reacted pretty well to the breakup, the media portrayed her as a heartbroken victim. Once again, people are viewing her as the same emotional wreck as she once again experiences a split following a seven-year long relationship with Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston has finally reacted to all these misconceptions that show her as a heartbroken lonely woman. During an interview, she addressed all the concerns that people related to her. Jennifer Aniston stated how many people believe that she can not keep a man. Or how she has never had a baby because she is selfish and only committed to her career. The popular view of the media is that she is constantly seen as sad and heartbroken. Directing her response to these, Jennifer Aniston declared that she was not heartbroken. She further said that all these assumptions were reckless and that nobody knew the real situations behind the closed doors.

Jennifer Aniston took all these claims and connected them to a broader picture. The actress said that the situations were sensitive for her and her partner-something not everybody understands. Nobody had an idea of what she suffered through emotionally or medically. Jennifer also talked about the pressure on females to become mothers and how they are viewed as damaged goods if they don’t. She added that she could have other aims and things to do in her life. Jennifer Aniston also posed the question as to why whenever a Hollywood couple breaks up, it’s the woman who is scorned. She asked why do people only expect the female to be upset and view her as a failure.

According to information revealed by inside sources, Jennifer Aniston is currently seeing two different guys. By the looks of it, the woman is leading her best life. But the points that the actress made here are more relevant that ever. With feminist movements taking over Hollywood, one would think that the industry has progressed. But is that even true? Is progression only limited to exposing your harassers to the public? Will it ever go beyond that?

Women are still facing sexism in almost all industries and especially Hollywood. They are constantly judged on superficial factors like their clothing and looks. Moreover, even when nature makes women responsible for bearing children, when will we stop viewing that as their only responsibility. Females should not be expected to give up their career and efforts and have children just because it’s the ‘normal’ thing in life to do. If a woman wishes to advance her career, she should be able to do so without being labelled as selfish. It’s time to let women decide when they feel like having babies and not coerce them into doing so because there is an external pressure to fit into the society. Maybe, it’s time to realize that making and breaking relationships is a two-way street. So just because a couple could not make it work, that does not make any woman a failure. Or make her incapable of keeping a man. Finally, let’s allow women to stay happy with their life and govern it the way they wish to and not the way society deems it to be.

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