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Jeffree Star Hangs Out With Trisha Paytas

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Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas are becoming more and more friendship goals. The two have always spent ample time together. They have created lots of collaboration videos. They’ve always supported each other with products and projects. And the savage pair is mostly up to a ton of fun when they’re together. The duo is contagiously funny and chill together. And we can’t help but love the boss b**** vibes they give together. We love Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas friendship. And well, they were recently spotted together. Keep reading to find out more.

Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas friendship

I’m a huge Jeffree Star fan, solely for the fact that he is the most fun MUA, who also happens to be a sheerly talented mastermind. He started with YouTube and created a legendary business empire, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics company. Now I don’t follow Trisha Paytas regularly but if there’s one person I love to watch Trisha vibe with- it’s Jeffree. The two make an iconic duo of fun, laughter, and just a great time.

They’ve created lots of videos together. And all of them are super entertaining to watch. One of my personal favourites is their clumsy attempt at baking edible eyeshadow.

The two have also filmed lots of fun mukbangs together, makeup challenges, and Jeffree Star has also spilled a lot of tea on Trisha Paytas’s podcast ‘The Dish With Trish.’

The fab duo are hanging out

Well, our favorites were seen hanging out at McDonald’s recently. Both Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas looked dolled up as they posed in front of the counter. And this picture just makes me realize I love watching them together.

Jeffree shares that he was not planning on leaving the house but Trisha invited him and said she would pay for lunch.


And fans have been following them just as closely. A Twitter user @katehanline took some snapshots from Trisha Paytas’s IG story and also shared it on the platform. He pointed out the stack of $100 dollars in Jeffree Star’s hands and his donation in the Ronald McDonald box.

Well, all the tea aside, it is genuinely great to see the two together.

But could they be up to something more fun? A new video? Maybe a mukbang video? I really hope they film a video together using the all-new Jeffree Star Blood Lust collection. One thing is for sure: this friendship is goals. And after Jeffree Star’s breakup with Nathan Schwandt, some fun times with his gal pals is all he needs.

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