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Kim Kardashian’s Mean Comments on Kourtney Kardashian

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The latest trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians has given us the most interesting glimpse. Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are delivering brutal comments on each other and fans just think they both need to chill.

While on the episode, Kourtney Kardashian tells everyone to get on her schedule and that’s because she has things to do and places to be. Plus, she has a hot young boyfriend that she needed to spend time with. Even when all of her comments seemed pretty valid to many, Kim Kardashian believed otherwise. She responded with a harsh comeback which was pretty much the most savage one to be on the show for a while.

Apparently, Kourtney Kardashian asked Kim to move one of her afternoon meetings to early morning so Kourtney could be done with a photo shoot by 4 pm. Instead of adjusting the schedules, Kim Kardashian told her sister to get the f*** out of there and that nobody even wanted Kourtney to be a part of the photo shoot in the first place. Not just that, but Kim added that Kourtney Kardashian was just being annoying. To make things worse, Kim added that since her sister did not have a business like her that she was passionate about, she could never know what Kim is talking about. By the end of the trailer, Kourtney Kardashian leaves looking unhappy. But the cruel remarks did not end there. Kim Kardashian took one last shot saying that she needed Kourtney to stop acting like she ran things and that Kourtney Kardashian was the least exciting to look at.

This was just the trailer, so it’s just bits and pieces that are being connected together. Fans are super thrilled for this episode to come out. And obviously, what could be more exciting that watch the overly dramatic Kardashian sisters take mean digs at one another. That too, on television.

For those who thought that the fight was just limited to that very trailer, maybe it’s time to take a look at Twitter. Kim Kardashian has taken her remarks and comments on Kourtney to social media and is not blasting her off. And now fans are definitely involved in the situation and picking sides between the Kardashian sisters.

In another snippet from the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney has responded to Kim’s comments. Kourtney Kardashian can be seen telling Khloe that Kim was an evil human being. She added that she was not there to be mistreated by her family members and that she was not looking for a new job because she already worked more than she likes. To make things more happening, Kim walked in at that very moment. She took another blow at Kourtney telling her that she only did whatever she wanted to. So now Kourtney should be accommodating to the people who actually get things done. Eventually, Kourtney tells Kim that she does not agree with who she as a person was.

To see how this ends, we all have to wait for the season to premiere on 6th August. A lot of questions arise with another reason on Keeping Up With The Kardashians coming in. Will Khloe catch Tristan Thompson cheating on her again? Will Kim and Kourtney make up? Will Kim’s husband Kanye West have something even less sensible to argue on? With the Kim-Kourtney savagery on its peak, we can bet this is going to be a much more happening season.

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  1. Ellen says

    I love all the Kardashian sisters. I think they all are really really nice. But the comment Kim made to Kourtney that was one of the most hurtful things you could say to another human being -let alone her own sister.
    I don’t care for Kim anymore!

  2. Patricia Bell says

    personally, I think it’s all a big joke. In this age making money off of sex and exploiting women!

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