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Taika Waititi Opens Up On Ellen Show After Oscar Win

Roman Griffin Davis joined them as well.

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Taika Waititi, the filmmaker and comedian who is also famous for his acting skills, took an Oscar home this Sunday. His movie, Jojo Rabbit, has turned out to be the best-adapted Screenplay after scoring both the BAFTA and Oscars in 2020. Taika attended the 92nd Academy Awards, not just as a nominee, but also to present at the ceremony. And now, after doing so, he has made his first public appearance at The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Taika Waititi & Roman Griffin Davis on The Ellen Degeneres Show

So, Taika Waititi and the 12-year-old Roman Griffin Davis (winner of Best Young Performer at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards) joined Ellen on her show. Both the stars have worked together in Jojo Rabbit. And, it was Roman’s first acting gig ever. As he confirmed:

I’ve played a daffodil in a school play.

That was quite a huge jump from daffodil to Jojo Rabbit’s Jojo. In fact, Taika Waititi says he selected Roman for the character because:

If there’s a kid that can play a daffodil, he’s in this movie.

Ellen confesses that she didn’t watch the movie for a long time because she couldn’t understand how can a movie portray Hitler and the Nazis’ era as funny. However, she has watched it twice now. And she says it is one of her favorite movies of all times.

It’s funny, it’s moving. Explain to everyone what it is.

and Taika goes on to explain it.

Jojo Rabbit

One of the funniest guys in the world, Taika Waititi, could not find words to describe what the movie is about. He says no one wants to describe the film, and then he does it.

It’s about a little boy who is indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth, who discovers a girl, a Jewish girl, living in his attic. She’s hiding in his house. And for him, he’s never met a jew before.

Since he only knows whatever the Hitler Youth Camps have told them about Jews, he takes her to be a monster living in his house. So, Jojo decides to handle this with his imaginary friend: Hitler (Taika Waititi).

Taika explains how the movie helps people in not following the trend or opinion of a group. Instead, it teaches how a person should learn to think for himself. Jojo Rabbit also teaches about learning to accept other cultures.

Taika Waititi Didn’t Want To Thank Anyone

Yes, you read that right. When Ellen asked Taika if he succeeded in thanking everyone while giving his post-win speech, Taika says:

No, It is actually one of the better awards because with writing, you don’t have to thank anyone. I mean, I did all the typing. There was no one else. It was just me.

However, Taika is not that mean if you’re thinking he is. He says he likes to share it with the producers as well as his mother who introduced him to the book that he adapted. But then, she didn’t do the typing, he did. Just Taika things, not being mean at all. He says her mother can look at the Oscar but he is not sharing it with anyone.

On becoming Hitler & future projects

Upon Ellen’s question, Taika Waititi confirmed the company that made Jojo Rabbit, Searchlight, agreed to work on it if only he played the role of Hitler.

And it made no sense to me, because look at me. I’m way too Good Looking to play Hitler.

However, he believes that if someone, an actual actor, played Hitler then it would have detracted from the story.

Roman Griffin Davis confirmed he is acting in Silent Night, a project by his mother Camille Griffin. It’ll also star Keira Knightley, Lily-Rose Depp, and Matthew Goode.  While Taika Waititi confirmed he is moving to Australia to film Thor: Love and Thunder with Chis Hemsworth.

Jojo Rabbit DVD will be available for purchase from February 18, 2020.

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