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Steve Jobs’ Daughter Speaks Up About Strained Relationship with Father

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ daughter has written a new memoir talking about her strained relationship with her father. In her memoir ‘Small Fry’, Lisa Brennon-Jobs claimed that she visited her dad every month till he died.

Steve Jobs’ daughter recalled that this one time when she visited him, he was so sick that he could not leave his bed. Before she bid him farewell, she sprayed her face with an expensive rose mist from the bathroom. And she added that when she hugged him, she could actually feel his ribs. Steve Jobs’ daughter said that due to heavy medications, her father smelled musty. Whenever she turned around to leave, Steve addressed her by her name telling her that she smelled like a toilet. By that time, Lisa Brennon-Jobs had already given up the hope of a dreamy reconciliation with her famous father.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs enjoyed great popularity throughout his life. He died out of pancreatic cancer in 2011. But his relationship with his daughter had been strained throughout his life. He even refused to publicly acknowledge that she was her daughter till 2 years of her birth. After that, the court asked Steve Jobs to take a paternity test and provide child support. The court made Steve Jobs pay $500 for child support, back payments, and medical insurance until his daughter turned 18. Just four days after this decision, Steve Job’s company Apple went public. With that, he earned $200 million.

Even when Steve Jobs named one of his first computers ‘The Lisa’, he always denied the name had anything to do with his daughter. Despite the fact he had acknowledged her, he continued to remain aloof, curt and stingy with her. Years later, during a yacht vacation that Lisa Brennon spent with her father and stepfamily, Bono the rock star asked Steve Jobs if the computer was named after her and that was the first time that he accepted it.


In the memoir, Steve Jobs’ daughter recalled another memory with him during a car ride. Apparently, the Apple founder used to buy a new Porsche every time he scratched his. So wondering where the extra ones went, Lisa asked her father if she could have this one when he was done. But to her utter shock and regret, he refused with anger telling her that she would not get anything.

According to Steve Jobs’ daughter, her existence alone was shameful and disappointing for her father. She puts this in her own words saying that,

It was a blot on a spectacular ascent, as our story did not fit with the narrative of greatness and virtue he might have wanted for himself.

For a very long time, Lisa hoped that her relationship with her father would mend someday. And that he would continue to view her as he saw his other daughters. But it stayed strained throughout, and she finally lost hope. Steve Job’s daughter has shared these unprecedented details in her upcoming memoir which releases on 4th September.

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