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Seeing Rebecca Black Today, You’ll feel Sorry You Mocked Her

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In 2010, we all heard a Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ song. And we heard it only because it was a source of laughter making its’ way to everyone using the Internet. In fact, millions of people watched it and it became viral; for all the wrong reasons. It was a passing trend, jokes and memes were made, and soon the world moved on.  But 9 years later, the singer Rebecca Black has come out with the depression and cyberbullying that surrounded her for years. This is an important read and an insight into the true impact of casual cyberbullying.

Rebecca Black Friday song

10 years ago this viral song was released. Rebecca Black was at that time only 13 years old. She suddenly got the idea to film a music video because another schoolfellow had done the same. She found out there was a company that you could hire. They would write the song for you, set up the shoot, and create the entire music video. As a naive, young girl, Rebecca got excited and asked her mum who surprisingly agreed.

In a Buzzfeed video, Rebecca now recalls this time and says that she had done it for the experience.

The video is a cute high school music sequence where Rebecca Black talks about the happiness that Friday brings. After filming it, she went on with her life and would only sometimes momentarily wonder when it would come out.

On February 10, the company sent her the final video. And that it was live online. Everything was fine, her video had gotten a few thousand views when in a few more days- it suddenly blew up.

The company sent her a message saying:

“hey, this sucks but you’re going to be famous.”

The cyberbullying begins…

Rebecca Black had no idea what was coming up next. But suddenly the video had millions of views and it kept on increasing. Today, the video is still up and has a total of 139 million views.

“I went to the video and it definitely had three times the number of views that it had a few days ago. The comments were starting to come a bit more. And they were definitely all making fun of me.

That immediately put the biggest pit in my stomach I’ve probably ever had.

Rebecca remembers immediately calling her mom and just crying that day.

“I mean it’s not that I was protecting this thing as like my prized, most beautiful creative thing I’ve ever made in my life. But it was me. And that was my face. And that was my name people were making fun of”

Rebecca Black had the opportunity to take the video down like it never happened. But she did not do so. She had a fire in herself to not let people do this to her so easily. She describes her first day back at school and still remembers it as one of the weirdest day of her life.

Because of the amount of bullying, she stopped going to school and stepped into home-schooling. Her grades were horrible and she recalls how kids were so mean to her. They would even throw food at her. Slowly, Rebecca lost her friends too.

“As much as I wanted to keep my friends, and how much I needed them at the point, I think both me and those friends cut each other off cus we were young and petty. I think I isolated myself while also being isolated.”

Rebecca Black today

Looking back at those days, Rebecca Black now sees the silver-lining too. And the brighter side of it all. She got to work with Katy Perry who was her idol. She attended award shows and red carpets. Rebecca even won a teen-choice award and hosted YouTube rewind. In fact, she was also the number one googled thing that year.

Rebecca describes 2011 being the best yet the worst year for her. Then, 2012 was one of the darkest years for her. She was 15 and had no friends and was super alone. All she had were people who did not care to understand her.

Recently Rebecca shared a post to her social media describing her entire struggle in a nutshell. She also posted a new picture of her- all grown up and glowing like never before.

Rebecca Black is now a role model for all those people who have been a victim of cyberbullying or depression. She has a message for everyone struggling to keep trying to shift their reality with every new day. She says that time heals everything and nothing is finite.

“You are not defined by any one choice or thing.”

Rebecca has also been creating new music and it is honestly amazing. We heard her new singles ‘Anyway’ and ‘Sweetheart’ and we were in awe of her sheer talent and beauty. This girl is surely going places. We are so happy for Rebecca and how she turned out despite the circumstances.

Her story is a reminder for everyone out there to not think of cyberbullying or online trolling as a lighthearted passing joke. The impact on the victim can change their lives and we must be more mindful in the future. Rebecca Black has taught us this, more than anyone.

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