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Evangeline Lilly’s Uncomfortable Experience While Filming Nude Scenes for Lost

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Evangeline Lilly recently shared her dark experience while shooting some scenes for popular ABC series Lost. The series has brought great fame to Evangeline Lily. But now she has given out an interview claiming that she was forced to film partially nude scenes for it.

While being on air with The Lost Boys podcast, Evangeline Lily opened up about her painful memories from the sets of ABC’s show. She shared that in season 3, she was cornered to do a partially naked scene. Even when she did not want to, she had little choice in that situation. The actress added that she was mortified and trembling when the scene finished. Once it was over, she was crying her eyes out. But it didn’t stop there and she had to do a formidable strong scene later.

Evangeline Lily further said that in season 4 there was another scene where her character Kate had to undress. She fought very hard to get that scene under control but just couldn’t. Then she just could not have more of it, and told the directors that the script could say whatever it wanted to but she was never going to take off her clothes on the set again. And she didn’t.

While commenting on the whole situation, the co-creators and executive producers of Lost issued their sincere apologies to Evangeline Lily. They released a statement saying that they were trying to reach the actress to apologize for her dark experience at the sets and that they believe that no person should ever feel unsafe at work.

Lily Evangeline added that now that she has had 15 successful years in the industry, she is better equipped to not have these uncomfortable scenes. She considers herself in a more privileged position to reject roles that require nudity. Evangeline Lily expressed her concern for women struggling in the industry who can not navigate with such roles.

People are applauding Lily for speaking up about her dark experiences on the sets of such a popular series. It looks like the #MeToo movement has done more good than the audience speculated.

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