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Oscars 2020 had no host and recorded all time low ratings

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The US live TV audience for the Oscars fell to an all-time low on Sunday. Roughly 23.6 million viewers tuned into the awards ceremony, according to the US broadcaster ABC, citing Nielsen. The ratings fell sharply from last year when 29.5 million people watched, amid an industry-wide decline in linear TV viewing. But why did the ratings fall so much? Is it really because there wasn’t a host?

Oscars Without a Host is Too Serious

This second year with no host proves that the awards show just isn’t that interesting without a comedian to guide us through it.

Without a host, the Oscars is like watching a bunch of people you don’t know talk about things you don’t know about. In short, the hostless Oscars have the feel of a party where you don’t want to be. That’s not really what Hollywood is looking for.

In the absence of a comedian’s sensibilities, the whole thing takes itself way too seriously. There’s no one there to poke fun at famous people. But at least they keep us alienated with wealthy, famous stars who have overestimated ideas of their own importance and relevance outside the entertainment industry!

The Oscars could have benefitted from the sort of jabbing on display at this year’s Golden Globes, hosted by Ricky Gervais, who gave viewers quite a laugh at Hollywood’s expense

A Historical Night Nonetheless

The ratings may have been an all-time low but no one can deny that this year Oscars were historic. A non-English film won the Best Picture award and also had the most wins for a movie. Though there’s no doubt that Parasite deserves all the awards that it got, what comes as a shock is that, that it actually got recognized.

The Academy Awards are not known for being this inclusive of movies in different languages, but we guess, that might change in the future.

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