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Christine Teigen and John Legend Defend “Parasite” Over Racist Remarks

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Celebrity couple Christine Teigen and John Legend did not like it one bit when they read what Jon Miller tweeted. His racist and conservative remarks grabbed quite some attention as movie Parasite and its director Bong Joon-Ho walked away with four Oscars. The 92nd Academy Awards was not all fun for people like Miller who failed to see a beautiful story get appreciation from the entertainment world. Hence, Teigen and Legend decided to step up.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Offended By Miller’s Remarks

Here is what Miller said:

His “these people” phrase caught much attention and all the criticism he deserved. Appearing on BlazeTV, he sits with conservatives Mark Levin and Eric Bolling, which might have influenced such a narrative on him. Bong Joon-Ho’s speech consisted much of the Korean language as usual, just like the rest of several acceptance speeches. Apparently, Miller tried to clear himself by telling that the phrase actually meant the Hollywood establishment and not foreigners.

Whether or not this was true, his comments were harsh and very irresponsible. Thankfully we had Christine Teigen and John Legend to take care of such hatred. From their own profiles, they called out Miller for his tweet:

As you can see, Teigen held nothing back as she confronted Miller’s racist remarks. The host even had the courage to post a screenshot of a Twitter report he received. According to the picture, people started reporting his tweet for racism. However, the social media forum found that his tweet did not violate their laws. Hence, they decided to let the tweet stay. He then posted this picture on Twitter with the caption:

“I’m glad Twitter – unlike Hollywood – still lets you disagree with #Oscars picks without being canceled!”

Christine Teigen and John Legend were two of the many people who called out the host over this.

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