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The Alex Jones Show Episodes Removed By Spotify: Its about time!

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Spotify has removed some of the podcasts of The Alex Jones Show. And this followed the minor bans that Facebook and YouTube have added on the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Apparently, Spotify removed some videos from The Alex Jones Show because they violated the company’s hate speech policies. A lot of subscribers had been complaining about his content. Even when the company has not specified the number of episodes it deleted, they said that it was under serious review considering the reports registered from the subscribers community. And Spotify’s decision just came out about the right time.

Alex Jones is a popular radio host. But more importantly, he is a conspiracy theorist who runs the website Infowars.com. He has repeatedly been sending out controversial news, hateful and abusive content. Alex Jones has for long given out awful but mainstreamed theories. The Alex Jones Show is simply manipulating the audiences for ratings and profits. Previously, at many instances Alex Jones has released fake news with the potential of causing serious security concerns in society. Recently, he claimed that the Democrats were planning to launch second civil war on 4th July. According to Alex Jones, the anti-republicans were planning a movement to overthrow the Trump administration that day. Even when the Democrats did not consider his news worth responding, Twitter certainly developed the #SecondCivilWarLetters movement. All this leaves no confusion as to why Alex Jones is majorly disliked for his content among the liberals.

Even when Alex Jones is known to be a conspiracy theorist, and even more popular for circulating fake news, President Donald Trump has been relying on him as an information source for long now. Not only does the President share content from Infowars in his tweets. But attended The Alex Jones Show as a guest a year and a half back.

John Oliver, famous comedian did a special Alex Jones episode on his show. To much public liking, Oliver targeted his crazy outbursts and even attempted to imitate Jones. He claimed that there was absolutely nothing at all that people should know about The Alex Jones Show. And expresses his concerns on how 6 million people listen to that. Oliver Jones even practically tried to dismiss the theories that Alex Jones has brought up with the show. And mostly the ones that made little sense to the comedian.

With people being genuinely mad at Alex Jones for his content, Spotify’s decision to remove his podcasts is favored by the public. However, a lot many believe that the company should take him off altogether.

A lot of episodes from The Alex Jones Show are still available to be streamed. Spotify still has to comment on these reactions.

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