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Oscars 2020 | Most Awkward Moments

Well, the most memorable parts of the 92nd Academy Awards

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Okay so, the biggest night in Hollywood, The 92nd Academy Awards took place last night. The Oscars have made not having a host to the award show a thing. And… it may not be the best decision but, who are we to judge? The Oscars are a fun night with happiness, love, tears, joy, celebration, some disappointments and some awkward and embarrassing moments. Oscars 2019 had some pretty embarrassing moments. So this year we were on the lookout for the embarrassing and awkward moments at Oscars 2020. And trust me, we were not disappointed.

The Most Awkward Moments at The Oscars 2020

1. Olivia Coleman’s Dress was stepped on during the red carpet.

Oh gosh. The woman is all grace with how she just smiles it off. We’d be burning inside out if someone stepped on our Stella McCartney dress and that too at the Academy Awards! Awkward!

If you missed the moment, we found a video of it shared on twitter:



2. Josh Gadd shading old beef with John Travolta.

So, most of you may not know this but in 2014, John Travolta was introducing Idina Manzel for her Let It Go Frozen performance. The man got her name wrong. Although, it’s been some 6 years or so, who cares, right? It’s the Oscars. Things happen. It’s okay. Well, Josh Gadd does. Josh Gadd threw some well-calculated effortless shade when introducing his lovely co-star.

The iconic and brilliant Idina Menzel, pronounced exactly as it is spelled

Ooh. That must have burned.

3. Eminem made everyone lose interest in his Lose Yourself performance.

The rap god star, Eminem surprised everyone with a special performance of his hit 2002 single, Lose Yourself. However, it did not seem to loosen the audience the way Marshall Mathers may have intended.

Here’s Martin Scorsese falling asleep. Haha, his face is literally us when we don’t want to wake up but it’s 8 and then we only open one eye to check and then close it because no one wants to wake up that early!


He isn’t the only one. Idina Manzel’s somewhat disgusted face is probably the biggest bummer. But, uh… what can we say?

4. Billie Eilish was clearly unimpressed by Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig.

The two came on with their skit to announce the best production design and best costume design. Most attendees and viewers found this to be one of the funniest monologues but Billie Eilish thought otherwise. And she did not try to hide it.

Billie Eilish Oscars 2020 Awkward Moments

Cool Billie. Cool cool cool cool. *Imagine Jake Peralta voice*

5. The Ethnic blends in Frozen by Idina Manzel.

The entire performance by Idina Manzel was pretty mesmerizing. However, it seemed kind of weird when Elsa from Spain and Germany came to sing a line. May not have been the best and also, was extremely unnecessary.

6. Blac Chyna at the greatest and most exclusive night in entertainment?

The Oscars are a name known all over the world. The ceremony is infamous for being for only the most elite of the entertainment world. So, twitter fans seem to all be stuck at the very same thing, what was Blac Chyna doing there? Uh… hello awkward possibly uninvited guest.ball.

7. Cats movie cast dressed as cats? Uh…

James Cordon and Rebel Wilson recently featured in the Taylor Swift film, ‘Cats’. The movie seemed like a proper cringefest with human-cat hybrid weird things. At the Oscars, James and Rebel both dressed as cats for their bit! And it was weird. Like, why would you do that?

Not to mention the shade they threw on the movie’s visual effects.

As cast members of the motion picture Cats, nobody more than us understands the importance of good visual effects

Well… The 92nd Academy Awards were surely a night we won’t soon forget. Here’s to looking forward to next year! For even more Awkward moments!

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