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Jeffree Star Calls Out Filipino Youtuber for Using His Trademark

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American makeup mogul Jeffree Star has accused a YouTube vlogger for copying the idea of his video series. In a series of Instagram stories, Jeffree Star claimed that the idea of his series is copyrighted in the United States. And that it’s not just trademarked but also found on his merchandise.

Apparently, the trouble arose when Filipino Youtuber Michelle Dy came up with a channel called ‘MD Approved’. Since Jeffree Star is well-known for his ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ series, he was quick to react. He even commented on her page saying that all she was doing was steal his idea and that’s everything “boring and unoriginal” people do. Jeffree Star, in fact threatened her saying that his lawyer would reach out to Michelle Dy shortly.

Since Jeffree Star is a popular influence in the makeup word, Michelle Dy knew better than this. She soon posted a tweet saying that her videos were only inspired by Jeffree Star. And that she did not know that ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ was copyrighted in the US. Considering the slam she received from Jeffree, she deleted both the videos from her channel. The Filipino Youtuber offered a sincere apology for the fact that had violated his copyrights in one or the other way. Michelle Dy even assured the American artist that this would never happen again. She even added that by sharing this, she meant to provide a lesson for anybody who commits a mistake.

In the Instagram videos that Jeffree Star recorded to call out against Michelle Dy, he claimed that people have been doing this to him for a while now and that he feels they do this on purpose. Jeffree Star went on to say that maybe they use his ideas and things just so that he acknowledges them and causes a stir. All of which would obviously give them views and subscribers. But this time, Jeffree Star did not call out Michelle Dy by her name.

It looks like followers of Jeffree Star or makeup fanatics are loving the way that he reacted to the Filipino bloggers video series. Twitter was taken over by these fans commenting how Jeffree Star had put Michelle Dy back in place.

However, some people firmly believed that even if the Youtuber stole his idea, Jeffree Star’s reacting was unethical. And also totally unprofessional.

But with Jeffree Star, such reactions seem common. The makeup artists has had a long history of picking out drama and feuds in the industry. And this one was surely better compared to his previous ones. Following all his reactions and comments, Jeffree Star has been quite a controversy in the online world. Recently, Shane Dawson came up with a five-part documentary on Twitter. ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’ revolves around an unfiltered version of the artist’s life. Shane Dawson is on a journey to discover how Jeffree makes this much money. In fact, he is much richer than most of us have imagined. Money is one of the three things that make him popular. The other two being makeup and controversy. With this documentary, Shane Dawson is attempting to know the real Jeffree Star. And also, uncover the picture behind these feuds and dramas that the makeup blogger keeps picking up against everyone in the industry.

It’s safe to say that he has damaged relationships with a lot of people out there. Recently, he called out against Kat Von D who did all the tattoos on his body. But now, Jeffree called her a dumb whore that he is no longer friends with. Previously, he picked out against Kylie Jenner. Not did he just give her bad reviews for her products, he added that her range was fairly overpriced. He added that he was just giving honest reviews, and he did not care if the producer was famous or not. But Jeffree Star didn’t just stop there. He made an offensive tweet when all this was going on. However, he did not mention Kylie Jenner by name.

Jeffree Star has also attacked Jerrod Blandino saying that he underpaid an another vlogger for a contract.

It looks like the artist has a habit of picking out against everyone- be it fellow celebrities or random fans. Despite the fact that many love him for how he uses his savage comments, others believe is unprofessional, racist and a misogynist.

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