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Michelle Obama Loved Spending time with Lana Condor

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Michelle Obama is one of the most famous names in the world. She’s adamant about her cause and her struggles for women all over the world are so inspiring. ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved’ star Lana Condor recently volunteered for Obama’s ‘Girls Opportunity Alliance’. Lana Condor is a Vietnamese born American who has her own scholarship program to ensure education to Vietnamese girls. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Condor reveals that she was very nervous to meet Michelle Obama for their joint venture.

Lana Condor Talks to Fallon About Meeting Mrs. Obama

So, Lana Condor seems to have lived the perfect fangirl moment. She was offered to visit Vietnam with Michelle Obama for their coinciding cause. According to Lana Condor, Michelle Obama is her Queen. So much so that she’s a lot more amazing than Barack Obama himself.

The honest to God truth is, I met him after I had met Mrs. Obama. So I was really just like living in her world.

And when I met him I was like ‘Hi’ like, you know, ‘I think you’re so great but I think your wife is even more amazing.’

I mean, you need A LOT of confidence to say something like that. Way To Go Condor! Michelle may have her biggest fan right here.

Also, when talking about Michelle Obama herself, Lana Condor talked about her sleepless nights wondering how to greet her.

And I, stayed up all night long for like months thinking, like, ‘How will I greet her’ because,

Like, it’s not the monarch, so you don’t bow but she’s my Queen!

Michelle Obama says she loved being around Lana

So, I think we’ve established that Lana loves Mrs. Obama. However, once the interview was posted by Fallon Tonight, Michelle wanted to reassure Condor that she indeed loved hanging around her as well. She also sends Lana a big hug!


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