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Sam Raimi Is “A Great Choice” For Doctor Strange 2 – Scott Derrickson

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Things must move on and so they are. Sam Raimi is looking like the next candidate for the director’s role of Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2. After Scott Derrickson left the director’s chair, news erupted about him having “creative differences” with Kevin Feige. This eventually led to his departure. Now, the movie seems to be getting back on track. In fact, even the former director has voiced his support for the Raimi.

Sam Raimi Is “A Great Choice”

Derrickson’s departure came as a shock for the Marvel world. According to some news sources, he was looking to give Doctor Strange 2 a spooky, eerie form which Kevin Feige was not buying it. Unable to step out of the box, the studios decided to replace him. However, the next Doctor Strange movie will most certainly have a horror element to it, just not Derrickson style.

The news about Sam Raimi and his possibility to join Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness surfaced only a few days ago. He has already worked with Marvel in the past, directing Sony’s original Spiderman trilogy in the early 2000s. He is also popular for directing the Evil Dead franchise. Therefore, it might not be a problem for Raimi for this project. Scott Derrickson certainly agrees with this move:

“I’ve worked with Sam Raimi. One of the nicest people I’ve known in the film business, and as a director, a true living legend. What a great choice to take over Doctor Strange [2].”

However, with all this happening, Marvel has yet to confirm this news about bringing on Raimi as the director for Doctor Strange 2. Then again, if we are already seeing Derrickson commenting on this news then there must be some form of legitimacy to it. Right?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was officially announced last year in San Diego’s Comic-Con. This was only the official announcement, meanwhile, the fans knew something was coming way before this as Derrickson was already dropping hints to the movie. A movie that is to come out in the mid of next year in 2021. With a release date of May 2021, the production will begin this spring in 2020.

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