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Rob Benedict Shares An Emotional Post

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Robert Patrick Benedict, who we all know from Supernatural, plays God in the awesome supernatural series. It so happens that Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester in their own way introduced us to amazing characters. We will not only mourn the Winchesters but also some evil things like Crowley, Rowena, and God. Many youngsters through this season, came to know of this amazing guy Rob Benedict. He is a 49-year-old talented actor and is called the Jack of all trades.

Rob Benedict is a hero as well

Recently he shared a picture with his fans on his Instagram. Clearly, it shows the ruthlessness that happens in the industry. The post is yet another story of how the acting industry can bring a person’s morale down. Not only that, he had to face every day of his career that he was not good enough. In particular, he was picked on because of his height. One look at his acting and you can tell that he is good enough for any role. But humans can be pretty evil. The industry only wants someone handsome as the main lead, to sell the tickets. Because who in the world would like to see some actual talent other than a pretty face?

Did you know that God suffered from a stroke?

Following his portfolio, you can see that Rob Benedict has conquered stage, film, television, writing, as well as music. His career of 25-years includes more than 70 television and movie credits. However, you might not know that he suffered from a stroke in 2013. It was then that he realized that his complexes over petty things mean nothing. He became more aware and thankful for all that he was blessed with.

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I’ve always been self conscious about my body. I was consistently the smallest in my class. I am constantly told I’m not hot enough, tall enough, not leading man enough. And that’s fine you know, you get told all sorts of things like that when you’re an actor. But after I suffered a stroke in 2013, I was determined to feel more confident about who I am and more comfortable in my skin. What’s the point of wasting another day unsure and frightened of what people think? Do I still have unsure days? All. The. Time. Life is a journey and I’m in it. Constantly changing. Constantly growing. Constantly falling down and learning from my mistakes. I’m a bit embarrassed by the vulnerability of posting these but I am also proud. I’ve worked my ass off: speech therapy, physical training and mental therapy to recover from what happened. Thank you to my trainers (@hjsactive @nomadactive @maria_ramsdell ) And my therapists and all the doctors at St. Michaels hospital in Toronto who essentially saved my life back in October 2013. And thank you to @lululemon @lululemonla for asking me to be an Ambassador and taking these kick ass photos. Thanks for listening. #thesweatlife #suckitstroke ONWARD. ❤️ Rob

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Jared Padalecki’s comment underneath this post is mischievious right?

Lookin great brother. It’s an honor to call you a friend. You’re an inspiration. Some might even say you’re a god.

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