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Christian Bale Is Reportedly Starring As A Villain In Marvel’s Thor 4

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The list just keeps on increasing and there seems to be no end to this. After hiring several hundred celebrities for its TV shows and movies, Marvel Cinematic Universe is bringing on a next big name. Reports suggest that Christian Bale is the new big name who will be joining Marvels for Thor 4 as a villain. Right now, there seems not much that we can talk about the movie because of its release date is in Fall 2021. However, there is trending news about the Oscar-winning, three times Bruce Wayne-starring, actor to come on for Marvel. Bale’s previous superhero role was of Batman in Christopher Nolan‘s Trilogy series.

Who Will Christian Bale Star As In Thor 4?

When the news broke of Christian Bale’s involvement in the coming Marvel movie, Beta Ray Bill also started trending. According to people on Twitter, Bale would be playing that character in the next movie. However, Thor’s comic writer Jason Aaron suggests that Bale would rather play as Dario Agger. He is a sinister CEO of Roxxon oil company, with an ability to transform into the Minotaur.

The Illuminerdi, who has an exclusive reporting on this news, writes that Bale is going to be the main villain of Thor 4. They are reporting that this character is going to be an alien species, some “otherworldly” creatures. Now, this rules out any possibility for Dario Agger. Perhaps he is going to be Gorr, the God Butcher. He vowed to take over the universe of “gods” after they failed to help him in his time of struggle.

We do not know for sure, but one thing we do keep hearing is that Thor 4 will bring on a new villain. Christian Bale might just be a rumor, but the basic storyline will remain constant. The movie is titled Thor: Love and Thunder and is set to release in the last quarter of 2021.

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