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Why We All Need A Diane Nguyen In Our Lives

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Bojack Horseman gave us so many lessons to learn from. One of these was friendship. And one particular friendship in the tv series really touched our hearts and showed us what a real friend looks like. This was the bond that Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) and Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) shared since day one. We like to say that Diane was Bojacks’ conscience. And in many ways showed us why all would be better off having a friend just like her, in real life. Keep reading to find out why she was so special as a friend.

Diane Nguyen ( Alison Brie) always gives Bojack Horseman a reality check

Let’s face it. A true and sincere friend is someone who always tells us the truth whether we like it or not. A real friend should call you out when you are wrong rather than going along with everything you do or say.

Diane always played that role in Bojack’s’ life. She was the one who first explained to him the real concept of ”deep down.’ When Bojack asks her to tell him that he’s a good person, she says the golden words:

That’s the thing. I don’t think I believe in deep down. I kinda think that all you are is just the things that you do.”

A friend who advises us to be a better person and pushes us to become the best version of ourselves… That’s the friend we all need in our life.

She always believes in him…

When no one else believes in Bojack, Diane does. She makes him feel that he has so much potential. And this helps him move forward and make amends after every bad situation there is.

For someone as depressed as Bojack Horseman, that glimmer of hope is all he needs. And a friend like Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) gives him just that.


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She doesn’t want to leave Bojack…

A true friend is someone who won’t leave you alone when you’re struggling. Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) is always that person for Bojack. She worries about him and wants to be there for him so he can get better.

And she expresses that numerous times.


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We all need a true friend like Diane.

She tells him to be in control

It’s easy to give someone advice they want to hear or an easy way out. But Diane Nguyen always tells Bojack to take full responsibility for his actions, feelings, and problems. This is what he needs to do to change his life around.


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They’re true to each other

Do you know what real friendship is? It’s talking about your feelings, whether you’re hurt or angry with each other. There’s no sugar coating. In fact, you’re comfortable enough to tell your friend when they’ve let you down.

That’s Diane Nguyen ( Alison Brie) and Bojack Horseman together.


Diane tells Bojack to get therapy

Bojack Horseman finally goes to therapy because of Diane Nguyen. She knows he needs professional help, advises him to get it and she’s the one who drops him there.

This just shows how much she cares for him. And she becomes the one person who gets him where he needs to be.


Despite everything, Diane loves Bojack and they’re the most real best friends

No matter what happens, Diane is always there for him. Even when he gets annoying, makes mistakes, and is sometimes a burden; the truth is Diane loves Bojack and cares for him like nobody else.


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This is why we all need a best friend like Diane Nguyen in our lives. She was everything Bojack Horseman had ever needed and played an integral part in his improvement and recovery.

Here’s to their beautiful friendship. And here’s to finding friends like her in our life!

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