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Shane Dawson scares the shit out of everyone with new video!

Privacy seems like a tale of the past...

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Let me preface this by saying, I’m honestly scared of ever setting my foot inside an Airbnb! Shane Dawson has just triggered my insomnia again because I can’t rest easy now. But, to be honest, it’s not his fault for exposing how the world is watching you at all times! Yes, it really is. Anyone anywhere could watch you from anywhere. I would call this a George Orwellian world we live in. You know, where the State was watching you from everywhere and could hear and see every single thing you do. But guys, that was the State watching you. In the world of today, any creepy stalker can put tiny cameras inside your own home. If you don’t think that’s a possibility, then what if I told you, that anyone could easily hack into your camera security system and gain access?! Feeling the stress yet? Good, I didn’t want to be alone in this.

Let’s dissect the whole video and see what we know for now

Shane Dawson starts the video by making his friends come and find clues to a hotel room where a murder happened. You know, just Shane things! For OG fans of Shane, this was actually pretty nice because Garrett Watts returned. It was so nice to see Shane, Garrett, Andrew Siwicki, Ryland Adams and Morgan Adams back together. But don’t let the cheerful tone at the start trick you into thinking this is a fun video. Because it takes a dark turn. And it’s not just because of the fake Murder story Shane Dawson cooked up for his friends. Midway through the video, Shane Dawson reveals that there are tiny hidden cameras everywhere! The tiny cameras were filming all of them without their knowledge. That leads to the whole gang searching for the cameras but Alas they cannot find it. Shane has to reveal each one!

Where do they hide the tiny cameras?

In the places, you would least expect. Just imagine this, you rent a normal Airbnb and you’re going about getting cozy and comfortable. You go to the bathroom to change the clothes and grab a tissue to dry your face, take a quick shower and then go to the living room to change the clothes. Then you get in bed to cuddle with your partner or if you’re single, watch Netflix alone. All of this is seemingly normal, right? There’s no way there were cameras hidden to film you do all of that, especially not in your bathroom. Right?!

WRONG! From just this social experiment by Shane Dawson, we saw that the cameras (with clear views by the way) were filming you in the living room, bedroom and even bathroom!

The cameras were in the wall clock, hidden conspicuously in the number “10”.

That’s not it folks! The pen on the desk that you thought was just put there for your convenience? It’s a goddamn camera filming your every move.

Pen Shane Dawson Camera

Well, shit.

Then, we’ll go to the bathroom. Remember that innocent tissue box. It’s not so innocent!

Camera in Tissue Box Shane Dawson

This is a tissue box, where an incredibly small camera was hidden, practically something you cannot suspect!

It was just lying there on the sink, with a clear view of your toilet and shower.

Tissue Box Camera Bathroom

This isn’t the only location apparently. The fire detector often located on the top side of the wall:

Smoke Detector Camera Shane Dawson

So, basically, you are not safe in any public motel, Airbnb, or even a fancy hotel.

Shane Dawson explains why aren’t there any policies protecting anyone from this

Shane Dawson explained that Airbnb does have a security camera policy that permits owners putting the camera in some areas of the house.

On its official website, Airbnb has this rule:

If you’re a host and you have any type of security camera or other recording device in or around a listing, even if it’s not turned on or hooked up, we require that you indicate its presence in your House Rules.

Okay, great! This means that if owners have any cameras installed, they would enlist it. But there’s a loophole around this. Apparently, there’s this sneaky little clause here that most owners exploit:

we prohibit any security cameras and other recording devices that are in or that observe the interior of certain private spaces (such as bedrooms and bathrooms), regardless of whether they’ve been disclosed.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your focus on the word “certain private spaces”. Essentially, this means that the owner can still view some areas. Most owners call them common areas. The commons areas include the living room, the kitchen, dining area, and the TV lounge.

This is extremely troubling for many reasons. Basically, the owners or the people who put the camera there can film everything you do, taking your privacy away from you. In fact, Shane Dawson suspected that an Airbnb he and Ryland rented was full of cameras watching them. His suspicions were found to be correct when the owner accidentally admitted to watching him and assuring him there’s no one around the house. He lied to Shane and told him the people he heard outside were not there but just the voices from the TV. How did he know the TV was on? The owner had a camera hidden. Only he did not know that the TV was on mute.

Sadly, the story does not end here.

You’re not even safe in your own home

That’s where George Orwell’s 1984 story comes in. For the English literature fans, you’ll remember this story. A dystopian world where anyone can easily watch you. If you said or did anything to upset the government, you can go to jail.

Well, in 2020, creepy Russian hackers can gain access to the security cameras you have installed in your home. Yes, the very things that are supposed to protect you, are the things that can potentially harm you. With our world getting increasingly dependant on technology and WiFi, there is an increasing threat of hackers invading your privacy.

Shane Dawson puts scary cases in his video where a couple’s baby was in danger because someone hacked into her baby monitor and could see her from her room. There was a scary voice that threatened to kidnap the baby. Not only that, but they also increased the thermostat set to a dangerous temperature! There are so many alarming cases such as these, for instance, one in which a hacker live-streamed to hundreds of random strangers online.

This was just us talking about the clever hackers. Now, let’s come to the creepy stalkers.

Shane Dawson warns how Creepy stalkers can easily gain access to your home

The reason for that is plain and simple: capitalism. I’m not propagating a leftist agenda here. What I mean is that thanks to mega-corporations such as Amazon, you could easily purchase everyday items that have tiny cameras installed in them.

You could buy pens, tissue boxes, watches, alarm clocks, showerheads, phone chargers and everyday items where there is a camera hidden in a very subtle way.

These devices are easily available to purchase. Most of the devices cost you less than $100.

How to stay safe

Well, for one, I believe that every government should work towards putting into effect laws that ban these devices and not make them easily accessible to anyone. That might be difficult to do since it’s still difficult for some governments to ban guns even after multiple school shootings. What you can do there is be more aware of which policymaker and president you should vote for. Whichever country you reside in.

However, there is another thing you can do. There are camera detector devices available to buy as well. Funnily enough, they’re available on the same website: Amazon. You could buy such devices and use those to ensure no one is spying on you.

Apart from that, you could be vigilant in changing your passwords frequently so that no one hacks into your security cameras.

Experts also advise you to:

Secure your wireless network with WPA2.

When available, enable encryption within the security camera’s administrative tools.

Protect the admin software with a username and password that cannot be easily guessed, even on a secured network.

Update the camera firmware frequently or whenever possible.

Well folks, just like Shane Dawson, I’ll end this depressing tale with a Good Luck! Stay alert and safe.

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