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Tana Mongeau Jake Paul May Get Back Together?!

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Not long ago, Youtuber and MTV starlet Tana Mongeau announced that she and her husband Jake Paul had officially called it quits and have taken a break from their marriage. Some rumors even floated that her next boyfriend would be YouTuber/Vlogger David Dobrik. But the latest gossip is something that Tana Mongeau – Jake Paul shippers would be happy to hear. They may be getting back together. Keep reading to find out all about this latest update.

Update about Tana Mongeau Jake Paul relationship

Tana and Jake started dating in April last year and then got ‘married’ unofficially on July 28. In a video titled “the truth about everything” posted on December 29, the starlet and now entrepreneur shared that she was very unhappy with how hers and Jake Pauls’ relationship is perceived by the public. She also shared that their marriage is not as smooth sailing as people think.

“I am so unhappy with the way my relationship looks in the public eye, and I’ve done so much pretending I don’t care when I do.

I did so much of being the “cool girl” and not “caring” and I think I just put so much of myself into Jake that I lost myself.”

Tana stated that it was very difficult for her when the public thought their marriage was just for clout and not real. This had made her suffer mentally too.

Tana Mongeau also had reservations because of her husbands’ new song about his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, especially when he posted a photo with her on Instagram.

She said:

“It’s very weird now with all this Alissa s**t, because I spent so much time thinking he was so hurt by it. To be fair, Jake did tell me he wrote this song, and that he was going to allude to being about Alissa, but I didn’t think he was gonna post that photo

Sometime later, she took an internet break and soon after that the couple revealed that they had broken up.

Jake and Tana Reconsidering Patch up?

So what’s cooking now? We think that Jake and Tana are considering getting back together. Tana showed up at ex-spouse Jake Pauls’ fight night to support him. After Jakes’ boxing win against his opponent  AnEsonGib, Tana uploaded a story during the after-party. She asked fans if they think she should get back with him.

“Should I get back with him”? she wrote.

Here is the original snapshot. And we are sure this is about Jake Paul.


There is a high chance of a patch-up now. Also considering the fact that Tana always referred to it as a “break” rather than a permanent split. Let’s see what’s in store for these two. We will update as soon as something else happens in the Tana Mongeau Jake Paul love story.

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