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Kimye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family & Life

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Kim Kardashian West and rapper husband, Kanye West sat down with Architectural Digest in their minimalist mansion to quiz each other about home design, family and life. The couple, also known as Kimye, opened the doors to their Calabasas mansion for the first time to give us a glimpse of their otherworldly decor. Architectural Digest which featured it all in their magazine, defines it as a “wildly idiosyncratic family refuge in suburban Los Angeles.”

Kimye About Their Home Design

This quirky interview revealed quite a few things. For example, Kim Kardashian West loves her bathroom cause the lighting there makes all her cellulite disappear. And before you say anything, google it, it’s a thing. And Kanye West likes to fold all his clothes so he can see them instead of just hanging them up. Like Kim, the idea of that just gives me anxiety because of how much steaming is required to straighten all those clothes out before he could wear them. He also likes his closets to be bigger. His view is, it should be like a store where you can see every item displayed. I admit it would drastically reduce the anxiety of not finding something to wear every day.

Much like Kim said, because their lives are so hectic, it is soothing to come home and not see any clutter but calm, minimalist vibes. It would really relieve any stress you might be bringing home with you. Kim also made a shocking revelation when she said she has never been in her pool.

Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West On Their Family Life

Then Kim Kardashian quizzed Kanye West about the inspiration of the house and that’s when we’re graced by an adorable cameo from Miss North West. Kanye names his kids as the inspiration as he wanted a place they could ride their scooters and skateboards around and not have to worry about anything. It’s obvious that even though Kimye do not have any problem filling up their mansion with things, they prefer to keep it simple and functioning for their four kids.

And this hilarious exchange.

“What’s your most prized possession in the house?”, Kim asked.


“That’s what I was gonna say!”

“Now ask it again and say me.”

Kanye will always be Kanye.

Catch the entire interview here.

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