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Gabbie Hanna Just Got Real In Her Hardcore Diss Yourself Video

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Gabbie Hanna, known as the TheGabbieShow, is a beloved Youtube star who has rose to fame and popularity over the past few years due to her authentic and unique brand. Her storytimes are a fan favorite. In them, she rants about all the people who have wronged her in life. Some may find her just complaining about life endlessly. But her fans find it entertaining, hilarious and often relatable. In one of her previous videos, she even used her platform to get the gym she was using to return her and others’ money that they had possibly scammed out of them.

1 Fearless and Brave Gabbie Hanna

She’s one of the few YouTubers that aren’t afraid to, in her words, show what’s behind the screen. In this special video, she starts off dissing herself in the conventional humorous way. She talks about her Youtube career. And then the fact that she constantly takes selfies of herself in the gym just to get attention and validation. She’s indicating to the audience that it’s a thinly veiled version of her insecurities coming out. Then an iconic scene comes up where she hints at the incident that happened to her in the previous year.  A fellow YouTuber Rice Gum had assaulted her. Gabbie Hanna had to deal with it mostly alone.

2 Things Turn Emotional

Things Turn Emotional
Source: Instagram

That rightfully sets the tone the next part of her video which is entirely different from the first. It’s still a diss track but a very real and relatable one. To many, it might just seem like poetry that’s written from the heart. The fans can know what each lyric means by following this amazing woman’s journey for years. Due to Gabbie Hanna being unapologetically herself to her audience, her fan following know she’s not trying to deceive anyone. She’s just being herself. That’s why the people can relate to her. She lays her soul bare to the whole world to see despite getting a million hate comments.

3 Gabbie Hanna Tackles Problems of the Social Media Age

The dichotomy she talks about in her video brilliantly reflects the disconnected social world of today. It’s an irony that social media was created to connect people to one another but everyone has never felt so alone, so depressed, so stressed, so suicidal and just in pain. The “look at me” society is what we have grown so accustomed to but it gives so many of us immense anxiety. Perhaps, this is one of the characteristic trait of our generation and Gabbie Hanna talks about it so openly and expresses it so wonderfully that everyone can relate to it. The feeling of disconnection that everyone feels is what Gabbie Hanna used to connect everyone and reminded everyone of what truly mattered. Gabbie says this in

“what i need is a human connection not blue light and a foggy reflection of my misconception of my own perception a result of way too much introspection”.

These lyrics talk about the fact that even when she has gained a level of financial success, she’s still not feeling okay and she doesn’t think it makes sense. She doesn’t feel like she should be feeling this way but she can’t help it. Perfectly describing the depression most of us could relate to she adds,

“my brain is poisoned and i’m searching for the antidote but every time i find it my defenses scream “oh, no you don’t!”

4 Gabbie Hannah’s Personal Disillusionment

The very last lyrics talk about her disillusionment she faces her self. This relates to the workaholic nature of most of the world today, especially of Youtubers and social media influencers. She doesn’t know when her day starts or ends and whether her colleagues are friends or not. She’s talked about this theme of human connection a lot and everyone can relate to it.

Her courage to show her true self to the world is something her fans have been familiar with for a long time. But she took it to the next level this time. She put in words what everyone today thinks about constantly. So, in this scary time where everything is uncertain, some may have Gabbie Hanna’s videos and many other Youtubers’ videos to make them feel not so alone and not that scared. Maybe it just entertains us for a while like conventional TV shows and movies do but YouTubers give it that extra level of authenticity that allows us to find meaning in their content and may even be inspired by it.

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