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Owen Wilson Will Have This Role In Loki Series By Marvel

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Ever since we have talked about Owen Wilson joining the Loki series, we are trying to figure out which role will he take on. Marvel’s series is releasing next year in 2021, and Tom Hiddleston will take back his role as the God of Mischief. The storyline, as we are predicting, will begin from the point where Loki runs away with the Tesarrect in Avengers: Endgame. That is the last time we see Loki. The MCU now has landed one of the A-listers to get a move on their next phase of the storyline.

What Role Will Owen Wilson Take On?

There are different fan theories that are trying to take on the role of Owen Wilson in Loki. This one, however, seems to be the most interesting one so far. Reddit user HerewardTheWoke has an interesting take on Wilson, saying that he will most likely appear as Two-Gun Kid, from Marvel’s old west comic from previous years.

Wow! I’ve got a theory about Owen Wilson’s role in "Loki" from marvelstudios

Now, as we take a pause and look at what the user said then we think he might just have an actual theory there. There are so many times that we seen Owen Wilson take on an Old West cowboy role. There was one in Night at the Museum franchise, and another in Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Knights and Shanghai Noon. Owen is the perfect role for any cowboy character in movies, and it actually suits him as well.

Now, Kid doesn’t necessarily have to fit inside the whole Loki storyline, but it is okay. Since we know that there will be a lot of time travel involved, we are free to take on any theory, including the one where Loki doesn’t know how to use the Infinity Stone properly. Thereby, ending up in a place which also has Owen Wilson as Two-Gun.

The character first appeared in Marvel back in 1962. However, its first iteration came out when Marvels wasn’t even a thing, back in 1948.

Loki series is set for release next year in Spring 2021.

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