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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes You Need To Watch Before Season 7

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There are only a handful of days left till Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes. Debuting on February 21 on Disney+ Streaming platform, we don’t have much time to go through all the 100+ episodes. Unless you are binge-watching your days away, here are some of the essential episodes that can prepare you for the dark journey ahead.

The Mandalore Episodes (S02)

This is where we are first introduced to the system that is leading and the face of all neutral systems in the Star Wars galaxy. With its leader Duchess Satine, the planet of Mandalore is in great hands, rising higher as it steers away from the galaxy-wide war. Unfortunately, as all great things come to end, so did the peace in Mandalore after Darth Maul arrived. Beginning from Season 2 and continuing till Season 5 and having a great story in season 7 as well, one should watch all episodes related to Mandalore.

The Clone Troopers (S01)

The Clone Troopers have an interesting story arc, it amazed most of us. Starting from the first episodes in Season 1, where we meet Fives and the Domino squad, clone troopers have a number of arcs throughout the show. There is one in season 1, then there is another in season 3 over clone cadets. Finally, we see Fives finding out about the infamous Order 66 in season 6. The intense Domino Squad storyline is a must-watch.

The Night Sisters Episodes (S03)

The Clone Wars essential episodes list also has night sisters and the Witch arc in it. This arc focuses on Asajj Ventress and his relationship with Night Sisters and how Savage Opress came into existence. This also links up with Maul as it is Opress who sets out to discover his lost and forgotten brother.

Darth Maul (S04)

The story of night sister leads up to the story of Maul, Darth Sidious’s former and forgotten apprentice. Cut down by Obi-Wan in the movies, Maul returns thanks to Opress where he overthrows Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla and takes control of planet Mandalore. Operating from the shadows, he was unable to keep his scent away from Sidious, who meets him one more time before striking him down, capturing, and taking him away.

The Wrong Jedi (S05)

This is perhaps one of the key factors where we get to see how Anakin continuously faces the challenge of turning to the Dark Side. With his emotional connection with Ahsoka Tano damaged thanks to the Jedi Council and the Republic, he is helpless as she walks away from the Order. The Clone Wars episodes have a significant story to tell in this arc.

The Sacrifice (S06)

We don’t usually see the top Jedi master Yoda in action in the Clone Wars, but when he does come its always something big. Thanks to Netflix we got to see him in action one more time as the “lost episodes” came out, marking an extra season 6. Here, we see Yoda going on a lone journey to discover the plot of Sith and its lord, Darth Sidious. The season ends with Yoda proving to be worthy of the Force while also finding out a huge conspiracy against the Jedi Order from Sidious and his disciple Darth Tyrannus.

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