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Oscars 2020 | Prediction for Best Production Design

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The 2020 Oscars are surely throwing in a tough competition. The bars go higher every minute as the 92nd Annual Academy Awards are closer. How high? Well, we’ll tell you this much: You do not want to miss the Oscars 2020. So, with the production and execution being so well-done, we know here some touch competition lies. The Categories are mostly aligned close together, Some movies, such as The Joker, The Irishman and Parasite are all nominated in their applicable categories. This makes our curiosity peak as we really do wanna know who will win! Without further ado, here are the nominations for the best production design.

Oscars 2020 | Nominations for Best Production Design

1. 1917 – Lee Sandalas, Dennis Gassner

1917 depicts a race against time as the protagonists follow through an almost impossible order. Production Designers had a hard time playing with the War Scenario. According to Gassner, finding the right spots and places for the scenes to play out was an ever-so-consuming task.

Well, you could only go as far as the landscape would allow you. [We had to] find places that would allow you to dig a trench, and don’t have archeological sites, and in fact, we faced that all the time, in the last locations in Salisbury. It was always about the look, first of all. How did the look in the environment feel? What was the color of the dirt that we were going to be in? Because the color of the mud was going to be integral to how the movie felt, emotionally.

2. Parasite – Won-Woo Chu, Lee Ha-Jun

The film parasite is another masterpiece that was made with attention to even the most minimal details. Here’s a zinger! Production Designer Lee Ha-Jun himself built the House in Parasite!

“I wanted everything to look like you were seeing it for the first time, although familiar. I started with the walls, what to fill them with. If you look at it up close, it looks like sharp mosquito screens, but from afar it looks like a photograph.

3. Jojo Rabbit – Ra Vincent, Nora Sopková

Jojo Rabbit is again a praiseworthy movie in all aspects. One of the more highlighted ones being the unique take on a design by adding more popping colors and highlighted pallets.

The designers, Vincent and Nora worked their best to bring to life Taika’s vision for World War 2 inspired the film.

Taika was keen to make a Second World War film that had a stronger sense of design about it. The natural default is to go for a muted palette, and most of our references are sepia-toned or black-and-white photographs. but we had an opportunity to represent the world in a brighter, more optimistic fashion.

4. The Irishman – Regina Graves, Bob Shaw

The Irishman is also an inspiring piece. The movie is a product of a total of 295 sets. Well, that’s a lot of work for Production Designers. The movie is spread over 50 years. This means that quite a lot of work has to be put to differentiate every era and decade and time.

The Netflix film has a total of 10 Oscar Nominations. Production Designer Bob Shaw thinks the most work needed to be put when they wanted to depict older scenarios.

In our job, the first question you need to answer is, “Where are we?” In the script, they go to five different gas stations. But you can’t find any stations with 1950 gas pumps, so you have to find sites that can be turned into gas stations. Also, there were six or seven hotel rooms. When you have a lot of similar locations, you have to make them distinctive.

5. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – Nancy Heigh, Barbara Ling

This movie is a hoot and a half. With Tarantino’s highlighted foot fetish and Brad Pitt and Leonardo Caprio, who doubts that this film wouldn’t be an Oscar Nomination. Barbara Ling has some words to put in bringing Tarantino’s vision to life.

We kept very close with any kind of signage. The movies [on marquees], the graphics we put up—those were closer to being within the exact time period. And at some points, if you listen carefully to the radio station, Quentin actually got all the master tapes of [L.A. radio station] KHJ from the exact time period of the movie. We would listen to them while we were scouting locations.

Well, looks like they had fun while working for the sets of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Our Prediction for Best Production Design Oscars 2020

Could Win: Once Upon A Time In HollyWood.

Should Win: 1917

Will Win: Jojo Rabbit.

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