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Oscars 2020 Prediction | Best Film Editing

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The 92nd Academy Awards are only a few days away. As they approach, we are putting in our final takes on who should win, who will win and who could win. The entire deal with the Oscars is, they are the grandest award show of the year. And we are ready! So, tackling another category, let’s talk about the Best Film Editing category. Any film can be a good film. The turning point for a film to be the best in the show is its editing. From angles to scene changes, the entire final product depends on the editors of the film.

Oscars 2020 Nominations | Best Film (Editing)

1. The Joker – Jeff Groth

Jeff Groth is everywhere this year. The entire movie is a masterpiece. From his work on Hangover Part III to now, with his groundbreaking job on The Joker, the man has definitely earned his nomination in the 92nd Academy Awards. On his work on the film; he says,

If I’m looking for anything, I’m looking for things that we might not need. But for the most part I don’t want to stop anybody from shooting something, because, of course, I’d like all the footage that I can get to ultimately put the pieces together.

2. Jojo Rabbit – Tom Eagles

Tom Eagles is a talented worker, no doubt. He has worked on several projects, five of which are by Taika Waititi, the Jojo Rabbit filmmaker. The movie has 6 Academy Nominations in total. In an interview with Awards circuit, he talks about what he and Taika had to do to keep the seamless pace of the movie.

Time was always a question, all the way throughout. So on a micro level, what performances we chose, what gags — were we going to have gags in this scene? Some of the improv that came up or not. And then on a bigger level, what scenes and what characters do we include in the edit? So it’s a slow journey from quite high comedy into quite high drama.

3. Parasite – Yang Jin-Mo

The Dark Comedic Thriller by Bong Joon Ho was a head-turner. The film grabbed a lot of attention in 2019. The editor, Yang Jin-mo thinks the work went smoothly with the collaboration of director Joon Ho.

While editing, although balancing the established tones was very important, the most important task at hand was getting right the tempo and the rhythm of the film. While we were discussing the editing of Parasite in the initial phases, when I first received the screenplay, and even onwards, what he always expected me to master and perfect was a tempo.

4. The Irishman – Thelma Schoonmaker

Thelma Schoonmaker is a brilliant editor. She’s been nominated for the Academy Awards almost as many times as the legendary Michael Kahn. She’s worked with director Martin Scorsese on projects before. The Irishman is undoubtedly a masterpiece. According to Thelma, this is what director Scorsese expected from the film.

He wanted it to be very simple and stripped down — no flashy edits, no dramatic camera moves except for the opening shot. He was going for a quiet film, and he was quite severe about that.

We think she did a great job covering that. The Irishman is available for watch on Netflix.

5. Ford V Ferrari – Andrew Buckland, Michael McCusker

The Girl On The Train (2016) editor did a brilliant job on the film ‘Ford V Ferrari’. The movie has 4 Oscar Nominations in total. Congratulations to Buckland for the nomination.

Michael McCusker has been Buckland’s long time partner in editing. He’s also nominated for the editing of Ford V Ferrari.

Our Predictions for the Winners for Best Film Editing.

Could Win: The Irishman – Thelma Schoomaker

Should Win: Jojo Rabbit – Tom Eagles

Will Win:  The Joker – Jeff Groth

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