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Dee Snider Frustrated About Shakira and J Lo’s Super Bowl Show

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez might have been trending with over 2.5 million tweets on the 2020 Super Bowl. But, all of those tweets were not FOR the two of them, some of those were against them. The 15-minute halftime performance made the two superstars bigger than the event itself on Twitter. That is, as they displayed their bombastic performance on the pitched-turned stage. Dee Snider and others were not satisfied with that bomb performance, however. Watch Shakira and Lopez perform below:

Dee Snider Attacks Shakira and J Lo

Twisted Sister’s lead vocalist did not like watching J Lo and Shakira’s performance, considering it too sexy for a family-friendly audience. The NFL recorded 62,000 attendance at the Hard Rock Stadium, with over 100 million watching through screens worldwide. Dee Snider thinks that the content which the duo singers portrayed was something no rock band would agree to do. “If that’s the requirement for a half-time show, none of the rock bands I know can or will do that.”

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed a number of their hits, with both of them dancing to the rhythm. Shakira even crowd-surfed, while going for her classic “Hips Don’t Lie” performance. While many felt envious towards Gerard Pique and Alex Rodriguez  (the husbands of these two pop stars), Dee Snider was not interested.

Apparently, he wants more rock bands to show up on NFL’s Super Bowl, instead of attractive women. He disapproved of how the two singers carried out their performance:

Interestingly, it was way back in September 2019 when he voiced his disagreement over Shakira and Lopez’s selection for the performance. “I guess we don’t shake our ass enough!!”, an incredibly frustrated vocalist said.

It seems that a few people might have questioned this tweet, asking for any other band to be on the same par as the combined might of the two. Therefore, he posted another tweet, where he mentioned Metallica:

Perhaps Dee Snider would have felt much better if any “guy dude” must have taken over the half-time show? Perhaps it is not about Shakira and Lopez, but more about which gender is performing?

What do you have have to say about this? Is Snider right about this one?

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