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Marvel’s Black Widow Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown

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With Super Bowl comes a list of new trailers and ads that are all trying to get the best of their marketing budgets. Marvel’s upcoming Scarlett Johansson movie, Black Widow, is no different. Marvel released a new 30-second trailer in one of the biggest games for America and we are going to break it down for you people.

Black Widow’s Old Footage, New Context

Giving a first look at the trailer, we can note that there are plenty of shots that we have already seen from the previous trailers. However, the way we are getting to see these shots provide a different context each time. This time, Natasha is heard telling, “you don’t know everything about me”, possibly hinting that we will get to see a lot of Black Widow’s past. We can also see the infamous Red Room where all the Black Widows are trained.

New Black Widows Are Coming Up

Remember, Black Widow is not just Romanoff, it is all women who were trained under the Black Widow Program. Hence, it must come as no surprise that when Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) appears in a black suit, she is also one of the top killers of the Program.

Red Guardian Is In Jail?

David Harbour is also taking part in the MCU now. He takes on the role of a Russian Captain America, called Red Guardian. It seems that he is not doing so well in his life, with his shaggy beard, pot-belly and overall messy looks. In the Black Widow trailer, we get to see him breaking out of, what appears to be, his prison. In comics, the Russians abandoned him after the fall of Soviet Union, which also suggests that he might not be really old, unlike Steve Rogers.

Natasha Has A New Costume

The Black Widow trailer also shows Romanoff doing a superhero landing on some sort of walkway. Her white suit is something completely new to the movie-followers. However, comic readers know that this white suit first appeared in ‘Black Widow: Deadly Origin’ miniseries. The suit in the movie is sort of paying homage to the series by Paul Cornell.

“Avengerss Weren’t My First Family”

By looking at Black Widow trailers that have come, we know that Romanoff made a few friends along the way before she met the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. In the Super Bowl ad, we can see what she means. There is a short clip of Red Guardian and other Black Widows reuniting after, probably, the end of their battle. The way Shostakov is holding Vostokoff suggests that they are a couple now. This will be interesting as the comics tell us that he is actually Romanoff’s ex-husband.

Taskmaster Is Carrying Captain America’s Shield?

Taskmaster, the main bad guy, is seen grabbing his shield in the exact way Steve Rogers used to do it. We know that he is exceptionally skilled at copying others’ moves and techniques. Perhaps he studied the Avengers at some point and copied their fighting skills? During all this, it would be great if we get to know how he found a shield similar to Cap’s.

That is it for now on the latest Black widow trailer. The movie comes out on May 1, 2020.

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