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Kim Kardashian Losing Weight: Is It Okay To Make Fun of?

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Kim Kardashian has recently lost a lot of weight, and it’s getting all the attention. Not just because of her losing 119 pounds but because of the way the Kardashian lot is reacting to it.

Recently, the reality TV star posted an Instagram video wearing a sleek black outfit. Kim Kardashian surely looks a lot skinnier than before. And her sisters are complimenting her in an insensitive way that it would make anybody lose their mind. To make it worse, Kim has reacted so positively to them that it has drawn a lot of criticism online.

In the video that Kim Kardashian shared, Kendall Jenner was telling Kim that she looked skinny enough to get worried if she’s even eating properly or not. And to respond, Kim actually delightfully shrieked and thanked her. Kendall Jenner even added that Kim’s purse was as tiny as her. Khloe Kardashian than chipped in saying that she had never seen a human being look so good and also that Kim resembled a walking Face Tune doll. For those who are behind this compliment, Face Tune is a photo editing application. But don’t worry, the Kardashian lot is popular for being dramatic and over reacting.

Kim Kardashian was thrilled at all the compliments her sisters were throwing at her. She thanked them, and shared that she was not that skinny. She even added that she had lost only 119 pounds but even more if you exclude her hair extensions.

If Kim Kardashian is healthy, and is losing weight by choice, that’s pretty much her decision. But with her sisters throwing insensitive remarks which are actually considered compliments by Kim is terribly disturbing. Body shaming is one of the worst things to ever happen to our society. And even with all this modernity, if we are still going to throw hurtful remarks at one’s weight and figure, are we really progressing towards a better society? I highly doubt it. Kim Kardashian’s weight loss might be a big deal to her family. But what’s the point of dragging in anorexia and eating disorders? It’s simply damaging to people who actually suffer through such problems.

Fans on Twitter were quick to react and tell Kim Kardashian that all this negative body talk and her reaction to it was pathetic.

Millions of people across the world suffer from eating disorders. Body shaming can have serious consequences leading to depression and suicide. In a society where people applaud weight loss, something like this coming from celebrities worsens everything. So many out there take these models as inspiration. And with media targeting zero figures and slim waists, Kim Kardashian and all these remarks can push any normal follower into something risky. Celebrities especially models, should be even more careful as to not influence or encourage eating disorders.

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