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Ambyr Childers’ Birthday Wish To Daughter London Will Melt Your Heart

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You may know about Ambyr Childers from Netflix You Season 2 when she played the role of Candace Stone. But the talented actress has been in the spotlight for other popular roles too like the 2003 film Dickie Roberts. She is also well-known for her role as Colby Chandler in daytime soap opera ‘All My Children.’ The actress just wrote a heartfelt note to her daughter for her birthday. And we just had to share it with you! Keep reading for all the sweetness ahead.

Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone in Netflix You

Ambyr Childers is gaining even more popularity ever since her iconic role in Netflix You Season 2. The actress played the role of Candace Stone, an ex-girlfriend of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). She is one of his victims from the past and in Season 2, she turns out to be alive.

Candace Stone sets the show’s plot in motion when she comes back. She threatens Joe Goldberg and vows to take revenge from him. And she wants to teach him a lesson so he stops his predatory behaviour with other girls.

Ambyr Childers did a spectacular job playing this role and we were fans of her the moment we saw her perform.

A birthday wish to her daughter

Ambyr Childers has two daughters with her ex-husband Randall Emmett. The first daughter named London and second, Rylee.

The actress is currently engaged to Jeff Tinsley who had proposed to her in January 2018.

For daughter Londons’ birthday, the Netflix You star wrote the most emotional and beautiful little note on her Instagram. It’s so heartfelt that we got teary-eyed. Ambyr put motherhood and unconditional love into words so eloquently. She made everyone realize how strong and unshakable this bond is.

She talks about how her daughter has inspired her to be better, fight harder, and become a more patient human being. In her words:

You were my first introduction into the true meaning of selfless, unconditional love. You unknowingly challenge me to be better, encourage me to fight harder and at times annoyingly force me to become a more patient human being. Your life has given me breath in so many ways.

We are genuinely so touched by this. And we admire Ambyr Childers even more now.


We hope that their love continues to bloom and blossom. And we also wish Ambyr Childers’ daughter London a very happy birthday!

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