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Dishonored TV Series | A Wish For Lord of The Rings Series Creator

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Amazon Prime is working on an awesome new series that will revolve around Lord of the Rings. With Gennifer Hutchison as a writer and executive producer. This unnamed series is going to come out in 2021. Now, it looks like the writer is already planning for events after the release of the series, with a desire to turn the Dishonored game into a TV series. Hutchison shared this in a tweet that gathered much of attention from the Dishonored videogame fans, who probably want the same as well now.

Dishonored TV Series To Come Out As Well?

Gennifer Hutchison seems like a fan of Dishonored for wanting to create its TV series. In her Twitter, she expressed her thoughts on wanting to write a TV show on the BAFTA Games Award-winning series. The game is a work of art by Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios.

Remember, Bethesda Studios are the same people who have given us Elder Scrolls series, Doom series, Wolfenstein series, Fallout series and even The Evil Within. Dishonored is another of its critically acclaimed series, and also has a huge fanbase to it. So, here is what the writer of the upcoming Lord of the Ring TV series tweeted:

Interestingly, she might be having a list now too. Because, when Rachel Langer, writer of The Order, joked about hiring her for the Dishonored TV series, she mentioned:

The Dishonored TV series might be a brilliant idea, looking at its fanbase and the content available. The series is comprised of three games, Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. With a fantasy world, assassinations, supernatural abilities, and deceit, this can work pretty well. We already can take an example from The Witcher series, which although follows original novels, has a videogame as well.

Remember, Hutchison is famous for her works on Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad and The Strain. Now, she is working on a series that will let us enjoy more details about Middle Earth and Mordor and the Rings.

Gennifer Hutchison Later Clarifies That She’s Not Actually Serious About It

Well, there goes our dreams down the drain. After her tweet going viral, she took it upon herself to clarify what she really meant:

Hi friends! Since this got way bigger than I expected, some clarification! I love the Dishonored franchise, but my tweet was me sharing that love, not indicating any serious plan to pursue it. Though I adore it, these things are much bigger than a single ‘lemme do this!’ tweet.

I have some projects I’m super excited about (that I can’t discuss) currently on my plate! But sometimes I like to shout about the IP I love. That’ll learn me.

I also would never seriously demand a job AND end said demand with ‘you cowards,’ y’all.

Hopefully, she’ll change her mind and be serious about pursuing it in the future!

What do you guys think about this?

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