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People on Social Media Celebrating Harry Potter’s Birthday

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For those of you who are forgetting, today is a very special day. Our childhood favorite, Harry Potter turns thirty-eight today. For those of you who haven’t watched or read Harry Potter, you’ve missed out a lot. The magic world with its adventures and spark has added too much to our childhood. And we are still saddened that there is no more to it.

JK Rowling has undoubtedly given us one of the best gifts ever. Somewhere in between watching Harry Potter escape his Muggle family to enter the wizarding world, and then eventually save it from the Dark Lord, we all grew up. The Harry Potter adventure series has been more than just fun. It taught us so much more than anybody could imagine. The significance of valuing others before you, risking your life for your friends, and never worrying about your own self- the beautiful lessons JK Rowling embedded in her writing. It has given us hope, and belief, and self-worth in a way that nobody else could.

The bond and connection that everyone has built to not just Harry Potter and his friends, but to the entire wizarding world and Hogwarts is indescribable. Harry Potter quotes like ‘Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home’  can still bring tears to fans. As the world celebrates Harry Potter’s birthday today, Twitter has been taken over by overwhelming emotions of the readers. The hashtag #HappyBirthdayHarryPotter got trending. And fans are sharing the joy that the series brought to them. Not just it while we celebrate Harry’s birthday, people are sharing the inspiration and quotes that JK Rowling blessed them with.

Attachment to books and series is common. But Harry Potter just intensifies it to heights that you can’t imagine. It’s not just the character that continues to influence us, but everything related to it. Even the Hogwarts castle. And for all of it, people just can’t stop thanking JK Rowling.

Everyone is celebrating the fact that the ‘Boy Who Lived’ and survived the Dark Lord so many times continues to live with us even today and probably will stay forever.

With her children’s book series, Harry Potter, JK Rowling has done a lot more than giving us a story. She has incorporated guidance that we can still learn from today. The woman taught us that injustice should never go acceptable. She taught us that it’s only us and our inner power that can fight against it. Even when her books revolved around a magical world, she showed us that having a powerful wand or advanced magic spells is not what can win you everything. But it’s the courage you have and the love you possess.

Some fans decided to keep the birthday wish somewhat simple!

So, Happy Birthday to the Boy Who Lived!


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