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Kumail Nanjiani & Dan Levy Do a Peaceful Protest For $10,000 Bet

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A deal is a deal and perhaps no one understands this better than Kumail Nanjiani and Dan Levy. The stars of Marvel’s The Eternals and CBC’s Schitt’s Creek appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Although the segment had to begin in a very different way, Corden was put in a lot of pressure from the audience, the musicians and his guests. Apparently, he was in a bet of worth $ 10,000 against the musician Steve Scalfati which he lost. When James was reluctant to pay, everyone on the stage staged a protest.

Kumail Nanjiani and Levy Take Over

Corden turned his own people against him when he was shaky about having to pay 10 grand to the keyboardist and musician Scalfati. It might not be much of an issue if his music staff does not play for him, but what if his very guests refuse to answer to him? The James Corden Show’s host did not expect his musician to keep his really long beard for over a year when he made a bet with him for such a huge price. After Scalfati comes out with a clean shave, he wanted much more than just congratulations and compliments.

This put Corden in a very tight spot who immediately got up to look for his checkbook backstage. With the host gone, who will run the 7-minute segment then? Kumail Nanjiani of course! Take a look:

Nanjiani reads through James Corden’s cards, starting off the segment by asking Dan Levy about their eyebrows. They start comparing different skills and tricks that they can do with their brows, and how they maintain them.

If Nanjiani is on the show and they don’t talk about his jacked-up body, then what are they even doing? Dan Levy was not going to be the one to miss that opportunity as the duo talked about his body transformation.

That is, just before Corden came running in and immediately signed a cheque of 10,000 to give to Scalfati.

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