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LeBron James’ “I Promise New School” Sends Positive Message

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LeBron James has gifted the world with a new mission of his. He wants to provide education to those that are denied it in society. The school is named the “I Promise School” because it promises to give free education and the resources required to the disadvantaged children of America. He’s starting with his hometown, the city of Akron in the state of Ohio to embark on this incredible journey to fix the wrongs in the system.

LeBron James Makes New School
Source: Instagram

Not only that but he’s also going to be providing general educational diplomas and skills to the parents of these very children so that they can get jobs. LeBron James is not only focusing on the children but their entire families. This is something we rarely get to see and it is certainly commendable. The education to the children will start from nursery until they graduate from the University of Akron and will be entirely free.

For those wondering why LeBron James has took upon himself such a huge task, he says,

“Everything these kids are going through- the drugs, the violence, the Gus, everything they’re going through as kids, I know. For me to be in a position where I have the resources, the finance, the people, the structure and the city around me – Why Not?”

Inspirational and Positive Message

It’s such a testament to how truly noble his intentions are. Many other celebrities and influencers could very well do the same thing but they chose not to. Not to judge their actions but focusing on others and their troubles is something we rarely find in this selfish and disconnected world of today.

The new school will have something even better compared to traditional schools, and it’s not just the fact that it’s free education to the disadvantaged children of society. The school system will have a unique curriculum. It will have longer school days and different school calendars than the rest of the schools. Plus, it will provide more availability of the school services to its children and teachers. So, if the parents at home can’t support their children academically, they could just go to school again and receive extra academic help. The curriculum will also be focusing a lot on the future jobs in the scientific and engineering fields. So, it’s a way to properly prepare the current youth to tread onto the future with the necessary skills and the confidence needed.

I Promise School Has a Great Goal

The I Promise School is also focusing on helping the students deal with problems faced at home by assisting their parents in the best of ways. They can prepare food at the school for free and getting GED certificates to help themselves get a job. There are also counselors available at school for children to help stay mentally strong and motivated to live the best life possible.

The school will provide the best system for all of this and it will be a public school hence it will be widely accessible to anyone in need. So it is no doubt that James is setting out to save the world in his own way, perhaps we could learn from him!

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