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Danielle Cohn & Ethan Fair Broke Up

People believe she has already moved on from him.

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After her previous breakup, when XX-year-old Danielle Cohn started dating Ethan Fair, people called her out on it. However, they soon started to cheer for her, wishing her all the best. Danielle Cohn, often surrounded by controversies related to her age and boyfriends, made it clear that she is really in love with Ethan Fair. The duo also made a joint Instagram account for their followers. However, they just shocked everyone with the announcement. Danielle Cohn & Ethan Fair, the YouTubers, and TikTok stars have broken up.

Danielle Cohn & Ethan Fair | Breakup

On January 13, 2020, Danielle Cohn posted a video on her Instagram, surprising Ethan Fair with a Burberry Jacket.


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Surprising my ex with a new jacket!! FT. my favorite caffeine-free @BangEnergy Follow the inventor @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy

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In the comments section, her regular fans have alerting comments, already figuring out something was off. Both were not commenting on each other’s social handles for some time, and that was a caution enough.

Danielle Cohn

Heck, I’m not a follower and even I can tell Ethan was not acting himself in this video.

Just a tiny bit of attention here….on January 12, 2020, i.e. one day before Danielle’s video, Ethan Fair shared one on his own Instagram. Proves both the videos were filmed in the same location, the same clothes.

Ethan Fair was on a Hawaii trip with Danielle Cohn recently. The trip was arranged by Danielle, like usual, and apparently, Ethan wanted to enjoy that trip before breaking the news to her. While Dani was pretty much in love with him, Ethan fell out of love. He broke the news to his followers, and that was it.

Post-breakup Dani & Ethan

Danielle Cohn & Ethan Fair’s couple Instagram account is still there on Instagram. The last post was a few days before the breakup.

What’s interesting is that Bang Energy is still sponsoring both of them, even after their breakup. (They even sponsor Dani’s ex Mikey Tua). Danielle Cohn brought Ethan Fair to the spotlight. He gained a lot of following after he started dating her. Most Dani fans claim Ethan was only dating her for clout.

On January 16, 2020, Danielle Cohn posted a video confirming Ethan Fair broke up with him and confirming she doesn’t know much about what happened. Ethan told her he wants to focus on himself. He broke up on the phone, not in person. Dani says she deserved a better goodbye. She even confirmed that Ethan was trying to be in a relationship with her for the last 5 years. And when he finally had her, he broke up just after 2 months.

Post-breakup, both of them went for a shoot. And it was hard for Dani to be around Ethan at a time when she was trying to recover from her breakup. However, she says she does not want anyone to hate on him.

Both of them are wearing similar clothes post-breakup. They even are shooting similar videos. If they are not “following” each other anymore, it does not mean they are not “stalking” each other. This cannot be a coincidence.


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I told my mama ima make it 🚀

A post shared by Ethan Fair🤎 (@ethanfairr) on


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Never thought loving you would cause me pain 🖤

A post shared by DANIELLA🌊🖤🌺 (@daniellecohn) on

They even did “never have I ever…..”


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Never have I ever challenge! ft. my caffeine free @BangEnergy Follow the Inventor: @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy

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Danielle Cohn recently moved into a new house. She has already shared a House Tour video and she’ll be sharing her closet tour soon. Dani’s latest video is pretty mature. She discusses her relationship status and she confirmed she has gotten over Ethan Fair, but she is not moving on for now. Danielle is not looking for a new relationship. She also requested her fans not to ship her with someone, or not to spread rumors unless she confirms the relationship herself.

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