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Lil Nas X Features In A Hilarious Doritos’ Super Bowl Ad

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Lil Nas X is coming back on screen and not just any screen, the Super Bowl screen, and who is with him? Sam Elliott! After probably 40 years or so, Elliot is back with his first commercial. This time it’s alongside the Old Town Road singer Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. The 60-second Super Bowl ad features a literal Old town. There, Nas X and Elliot face each other in a dance-off challenge to win a lonely shiny packet of Doritos.

Lil Nas X Wins Against Sam Elliot

Who would you pick if Lil Nas X was to go on a fight against Sam Elliot? When a large pack of Doritos is on the line, maybe anyone will jump on the stage to battle it out. The Grammy-winning rapper featured in a Super Bowl ad from one of the top snack companies. The ad shows the 1800s’ Old West era, a town where Elliot is challenged Lil Nas X to a fight. Now, this would have turned out to be a gunfight, except that it did not. As they got ready, the music played and both of them started to throw killer dance moves at each other. Watch the whole ad below:

With Old Town Road playing in the background, Lil Nas X and the legendary Elliott battle it out, with the rapper coming out on top. We also get to see the last few seconds where Billy Ray Cyrus makes a cameo, but this isn’t about him. This is more about the rapper, Eliott and Doritos.

The fact that the snack franchise is getting 60-second airtime on one of the most sought-after screens means that the company has an incredible story to tell. The ad deserves a full treatment, Rachel Ferdinando, senior VP and CMO of Frito-Lay North America said.

In an interview with Adweek, Sam Elliot said that he was a bit concerned about dancing at this point in his life with Lil Nas X. He joked that opening his mouth wasn’t as much of an issue as trying to dance. He even called the Grammy winner a “very impressive young man.”

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