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All The Times Chrissy Teigen Was Hilariously Relatable

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If you’re not familiar with Chrissy Teigen and her witty humor, you’re in for a treat! Wife to singer John Legend and a mother to her kids, Luna and Stephen, she never fails to make us laugh. Here is a collection of some of her most hilarious and relatable tweets!

1. When she had random thoughts.

2. When Chrissy Teigen needed validation like every one of us.

3. When she couldn’t hold back.

4. When Chrissy Teigen knew her flaws.

5. When she shared our love for Ellen.

6. When she had the same random questions we have.

7. When Chrissy Teigen had the same star-struck reaction we’d probably have if we meet Robert De Niro.

8. When she gave us the best tips.

9. When she had to do a lot to fit into a dress.

10. When Chrissy Teigen was tired of being around people.

11. When she didn’t care what the world thought of her husband.

12. When she had some crazy late-night cravings.

13. When she understood how real cousin crushes are. (for some people)

14. When she was done with her zit.

15. When her daughter proved she was Chrissy Teigen’s daughter.

16. When she didn’t have any boundaries.

17. When Teigen was as frustrated as we sometimes get.

18. When she worried about the real things.

19. When she just wanted to talk about her face mask.

20. When Chrissy Teigen did a stupid thing and knew it.

21. When she had the same medical questions we do.

22. When Chrissy Teigen knew the real deal.


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