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Ashly Schwan Asks Trisha Paytas Advice for Posting Sexy Pictures on Instagram

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Ashly Schwan is a really famous Youtuber and Instagram celebrity. She has 378,000 followers on her Instagram so she is also into photography and modeling. Well, social media celebrity is one of those who like posting sexy pictures online. But lately, social-media apps have been policing such content and flagging them as inappropriate. In some cases, the accounts or users get suspended too as nudity is not considered acceptable when children of all ages are using the platforms. And Ashly Schwan has been facing similar dilemmas lately, and she is looking towards Trisha Paytas for help in posting her saucy content.

Ashly Schwan faces Instagram trouble for posting sexy pictures

So Ashly got really frustrated and channeled her agitation on Instagram stories. She shared a screenshot where Instagram had taken off her photos and warned her that her account may get suspended.

I mean, those are the Instagram Community Guidelines that all users need to follow to use the platform in a healthy for all manner. But we know Ashy Schwan has plenty of bold and raunchy pictures she loves to post online. And her Twitter account is proof of that. We’re guessing Twitter goes a little easy on its rules and regulations. But Ashly wants to post for her 378k insta-fam. Yeah, that’s understandable.

She took a screenshot of her now deleted posts and the ‘Account Warning’ she had recieved from Instagram.


Trisha Paytas sexy pictures posting advice; she’s ‘shadowbanned’

Then she turned to another social media star who’s famous for her PG-rated content, Trisha Paytas. Ashly Schwan directly wrote to Trisha on her Instagram story, asking how she posted sexy photos without them deleted.


Now that is a good question to ask. And it’s the right person to ask it from. Trisha Paytas still has her account and it has lots of nudity, by the way.

Well, Trisha Paytas responded and said that she is shadow-banned. Ever heard of that? So basically a shadow-ban is when your profile becomes undiscoverable to new users. Your feed and account are only visible to those already following you. So technically, her content is blocked to most of the general public,

Here’s Trisha Paytas’s response:


So yeah, that gives Ashly Schwan an answer. Let’s see if her picture posting troubles get sorted out or maybe she will get shadow-banned too.

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