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Bigfoot Erotica Affects the Virginia Congressional Race

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Twitter has been taken over in a state of pure wildness. Leslie Cockburn has accused her Republican rival – Denver Riggleman of supporting white supremacists. Not just that, but also for liking Bigfoot porn.  On Sunday evening, she wrote a post on Twitter saying that this was not needed on Capitol Hill.

Leslie Cockburn continued to make several others related posts as well. She was trying to unearth more examples from Riggleman’s page to support her accusations. In one particular tweet by Leslie Cockburn, Denver Riggleman’s face was superimposed over the drawing of the monster. To make it even worse, Riggleman had captioned that it was to celebrate his upcoming book release which was titled ‘Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him‘.

In an attempt to defend himself, Denver Riggleman claimed that the Bigfoot posts were a joke. and that it was played on him by his friends. Even when he self-published his book on Bigfoot and women, the Facebook page for the book has now been deleted. He has even sent his Instagram profile to private now. With little access to his social media now, it is becoming possible to investigate the context of the Bigfoot jokes. People are still unsure whether Denver Riggleman stumbled into all this while researching Bigfoot matters or is the candidate the reason why Bigfoot porn jokes came into existence.

It looks like behind revealing the Bigfoot erotica angle, Leslie Cockburn had something planned. She knew that with the Bigfoot angle in her tweets, journalists will be tempted. Media will start talking about race and once that happens, naturally more substantive matters would open and that would directly lead them to talking about Riggleman’s association with white supremacists.

Denver Riggleman finds that Leslie Cockburn’s attacks on him are hilarious. He added that all this might make her lose the support of pro-Bigfoot potential constituents and that she needs to know her votes better. Not sure if this is how people should campaign for elections, but all this might give some people a real laugh.

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