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Fortnite player Ninja and Jeffree Star out and about!

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Looks like Jeffree Star is healing and getting back in his game after boyfriend Nathan Schwandt called it quits with him. So first his video with Mr. Kate who is redesigning his meditation room and now Ninja (Tyler Blevins) takes him to go shopping. The CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a total inspiration to all of his 17.3 Million Subscribers. The Fortnite Player Ninja has quite the following himself too. The two took it upon themselves to take a trip to their local target store. They were joined by Tyler Blevins’s wife, Jessica.


Jeffree Star and Ninja hang out after months

The two went to target along with Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica who tweeted a selfie of the three on her own account captioning it;

Our local @Target wasn’t ready
Star and Fortnite player also made a TikTok on Ninja’s official Tiktok account. It surely is something we can all relate to!


Well, their unlikely friendship is something YouTube viewers love. They first hung out in July 2019 when they; Ninja and Jeffree; went on a double date with their partners. Jeffree was still with his lovey-dovey boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. The two broke up just this month. Here’s how their first meeting happened.

Jeffree Star tweeted one morning that he was craving taco bell. Jessica Blevin quoted his tweet referring to Ninja. The Fortnite player responded to this by saying;

Yes! @JeffreeStar! Get a cheesy gordita crunch with a Nacho cheese dorito loco taco shell instead of the corn. You are welcome!

Then it was Jeffree’s turn to be the loving and good person that he is.

Hi @Ninja! Come over and let’s do a T. bell mukbang

And thus, the very same night, Ninja and Jeffree Star got together at Taco Bell and apparently had a great time. We do wonder why it took so long for them to hang together again. But then again, maybe they have been meeting behind the screens.

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