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BoJack Horseman Says Final Emotional Thanks to His Cast

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And the curtains are finally closing. The moment we have waited for months is here. The final part of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman is out now. And we are ready to smile, laugh, and cry again as we say goodbye to one of the best-animated television series ever made. Well, the end is emotional for Bojack Horseman himself too. He has been saying his goodbyes and sending out his farewell notes. And we think every fan out there deserves to read them as the show hits its’ last notes. Keep reading for more.

Bojack Horseman finally ends

The journey is finally over- and we’re not horsin’ around.  Netflix has released the final part of Bojack Horseman Season 6. If you’re a dedicated fan of the show like we are then just open your Netflix app and you will find the last set of episodes there.

Inherently, Bojack Horseman was a toxic, damaged, and depressed character who made far too many mistakes and few half-hearted amends. Along with the rest of the cast and characters, Todd Chavez, Princess Carolyn, Diane Nguyen, and Mr. Peanutbutter- each with an array of complex personalities and mental states, the entire show was intricately made.

By now, we were so invested in each character and their story that we are just itching to get into the last few episodes and see what happens in the end. But at the same time, it is going to be one of the toughest goodbyes we’ve experienced with a fictional tv series.

Bojack’s last words to all his friends

In a heart-felt online thread, Bojack himself shared his gratefulness towards his buddies, the entire Bojack Horseman cast. This is the moment we were waiting for. Hold on tight as we read his last words to the unforgettable gang.

First off he thanked Princess Carolyn for everything she had done for him. In fact, Bojack had already tweeted appreciation for our favorite cat long ago too. And she deserves it. After all, she was the one who had always been there with him since the start of his career. She was a good friend despite their budding romance that didn’t seem to work out. And she never gave up on him no matter what weird antics he was up to.

Then he said thanks to Diane Nguyen. Diane had always given Bojack Horseman a reality check. No sugar-coating, no lies. She was upfront about his shortcomings and made him feel accountable for the person he was. In many ways, Diane had always been a ‘real’ friend for showing him who he really was. She helped Bojack in so many ways to better himself as a person.

And Bojack sees it too:

Even Mr. Peanutbutter got a thank you from Bojack Horseman although it was obvious how annoyed Bojack used to be around him. But Mr. P.B was always jolly and that’s what the show and its characters needed too.

We love how Bojack expressed how Mr. P.B’s optimism used to feel like a personal attack. But he thanked him for his support.

And finally, to complete the goodbyes to the main Bojack Horseman cast; Todd Chavez. Bojack Horseman showed him his love just as he always does. With a little satire and fun, but always with a whole heart.

Margo Martindale also got a generous word of thanks.

And you won’t be able to guess the next one. Channing Tatum also got an honorable mention from Mr. Bojack Horseman.

That was worth a read! Well, Bojack could not stop tweeting and we think he’s pretty emotional himself. Because he later tweeted:

Well, so are we. We are about to watch the final episodes of Bojack Horseman on Netflix and the emotions are going to be out of the roof. At least we’re all in this together.

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