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Christine Teigen’s Jealousy Expressed on Twitter

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Supermodel Christine Teigen took to Twitter to share a hilarious story on how she flipped out a decade ago. Christine Teigen and John Legend were on the sets of his ‘Green Light’ video where she had her meltdown. Teigen added a couple of pictures from the set of the song along with the fun fact tweet that she had a jealousy fueled breakdown.

In a couple of tweets to follow, Christine Teigen explained what had actually happened. While her husband John Legend was performing at the party full of beautiful people, he had his eye on one woman. Legend eyed her as he sang,

Do I have a girlfriend?/Technically no…We could go all night/Give me the green light.

The model also added that then John Legend and his managers started discussing how beautiful some of the women were. And when they actually were, Christine Teigen now realizes that they were simply trying to bother her. While she watched the monitor with some guys, somebody went on to point the girl with John Legend. And that as she saw him laugh on something she said, her mind created whole conversations that they could be having. When in reality, they might have been talking about crafts, Christine Teigen had imagined otherwise. A couple of more shoulder touches and laughs, and she lost it all. Her anger turned into sobs and she flee from her seat to the hotel room. She admits that she left everybody including the director baffled.

Christine Teigen added that she herself met John on a video. Now she wishes that something more happened with her jealousy meltdown. But she was just an angry 22-year old back then.

It was a long time back, but the ‘Green Light’ song is still her least favorite one.

Christine Teigen and John Legend have been one of the fairly popular couples out there. Teigen is well-loved, and people are still appreciating her for sharing her embarrassing story.

Others are taking it on a much lighter note and trying to make it even more hilarious.

If only now we can have John Legend to comment on how he reacted back when his wife had this meltdown right in front of his producers and team.

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