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Netflix’s Black Spot should be on your watchlist

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Are you someone who is into crime TV shows and keeping an eye on the subtitles is not a problem for you? Then I have a TV series recommendation for you, which will keep you hooked to your screens. It is a French TV show, named Black Spot on Netflix. However, its French name is Zone Blanche.

Black Spot is set in a cold, damp, city Villefranche and is completely surrounded by a forest. As I watched it, I was reminded time and again of the town Forks, in which the series Twilight was set in. The signals passing through the town are weak, hence the name Zone Blanche (Blank Zone). In Black Spot, for the basic need of communicating, the people heavily depend on telephones, as mobile signals are always dropping. The crime rate in this small town alone is six times that of France.

The main characters of Black Spot

A District Attorney comes in to figure out the town’s problems. The gendarmes (police force) is headed by a serious-looking Major Laurène Weiss. The town folk depended on the sawmill for their livelihood. But are devastated when Mayor Bertrand Steiner (Samuel Jouy), shuts it down. There is an outcry from the people, and things are getting heated.

The forest is huge and holds many secrets in the Black Spot. Moreover, it is the perfect place for run-aways to start a new life without getting noticed. But it’s not only the people, who use the forest to hide their secrets. Something lurks in the forest itself, some believe it is there to protect, while others hunt it.

Until now, there have been two seasons of Black Spot. Each season has eight episodes. In each episode, Major Weiss solves a case. But there is a bigger story that grows throughout the season. It is about the pain that has effected every individual of the town in a different way. The Major has a painful past and has a habit of taking every matter in her own hands, to protect everyone. She gives major Jessica Jones vibes, like literally.

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