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Marvel Vs DC Rivalry Isn’t A Thing Actually, Claims James Gunn

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To those who like to type hours worth of notes to prove to how Marvel is better than DC or DC is better than Marvel. James Gunn, the guy who is working on DC’s Suicide Squad and will also work on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 has something to say. According to him, the Marvel vs DC rivalry is more of a fan-favorite topic and nothing else. The director has denied any presence of such a topic within any of the two studios.

Marvel Vs DC Is No Rivalry At All

James Gunn thinks that there is no such things as Marvel v DC rivalry in the filming world, especially between the two studios. It was on Twitter when a fan, probably from one of the two studios, asked THE question curiously. “What do you think about the rivalry?”, asked the user. To that, Gunn replied in the following way:

“Honestly to God, I can’t remember anyone at either Marvel or DC ever condemning the other company. I think there’s probably slightly less competition between Marvel & DC than between Marvel or DC & all other movies. After all, we are in very similar boats, relatively speaking.”

That was indeed a very clever reply. Gunn basically sidelined the whole question on Marvel vs DC by claiming that there is no existence of such competition within the studio at all. Perhaps he is telling the truth and it is only something which is present between the fans only? Or maybe he’s playing it safe with a political answer.

James Gunn initially was the top pick for Marvel for the Guardians of the Galaxy series, until they decided to replace him. He then moved on to join DC for their upcoming 2021 movie, the Suicide Squad. Perhaps Marvel realized their mistake after much anger and disappointment from fans. Now, the studio has called him back,  he will now start working for them after the release of the DC film on August 6, 2021. For now, there is no release date for the next Guardians movie.

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