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Mr. Kate redesigns Jeffree Star’s house

OMG! Kate's Coming Over!

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January was not an easy month for YouTuber Jeffree Star. As excited as he was for the new year new start, it didn’t exactly go his way. His devastating break up with long time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt put a damper on his plans. Amidst all this, he never forgot to support his friends and fans. The Make-Up Guru moved into his new house at the end of December 2020 to grow his family. His excitement seemed to have gone when he and Schwandt broke up. However, in the infamous YouTubers Mr. Kate and Joey Zehr who host the OMG We’re Coming Over series posted an update regarding their latest project.

Mr. Kate is going over to Jeffree Star’s house!

Mr. Kate’s general works

So, Kate Albrecht is an interior designer who took her work to YouTube. For the last few years, she has been working with her long time business partner and life partner, Joey Zehr. He handles all the handyman and craftsmanship involved in their projects while Kate designs and decorates. She changes cramped living spaces to the coziest and personal style-inspired series. They entertain their fans (Creative Weirdo-s) by also offering styling services to them. Their works are highly aesthetic.

The best part for her creative weirdos other than meeting her: She always leaves a personally crafted D.I.Y Piece. She’s started her own line of personally inspired design elements and accessories.

The reveal is always positively responded to as Kate puts all her efforts into every single project of hers.

A little personal update: Their team just had a new addition; Moon. Joey and Mr. Kate just had their first baby mid in 2019. They take him around to all their projects now.

Designing Jeffree Star’s Spa and Meditation Room.

Mr. Kate’s latest uploaded project is designing Jeffree Star’s new mansion. He’s had a rough month but, it seems like a good distraction. In his House Tour Video, he talked about all the ways he was looking forward to changing his house. It seemed that he was no longer thinking of it with how his month was going. But we sure are glad to know that he’s in Mr. Kate’s hands. She is good at what she does!

In the video, Kate talks about lifting his spirits and that’s exactly what a spa is for! Jeffree is looking to Challenge her. She’s only uploaded the first part of the video as of yet and we are so looking forward to the reveal!

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